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Out of Game Events and Gatherings
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Announcement:✝✝✝ - Capsuleer Memorials - ✝✝✝ [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
3617,985562017.05.09 19:45
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Announcement:Out of Game Events and Gatherings Resources
CCP Falcon
022,69312014.11.19 15:40
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Gentlemen's Agreement- Kesper North, speaking at Eve Vegas!
Slayer Girl
063502012.10.05 15:49
Slayer Girl Go to last post
Hotel deals for Fanfest 2013?
Alexila Quant
31,09522012.10.04 18:42
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Monthly Ottawa Players Meet Up!
John Makaan
46,12012012.10.04 15:00
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EVE Online Book Cover Art Contest
Avaritia Savage
074702012.09.26 17:14
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east bay area meetups
Frattor 01
067402012.09.24 20:54
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056102012.09.24 11:53
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Long Island - New York
51,50402012.09.23 18:57
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EVE-Dust Summerfest 2012, Sep 14 - 16
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Iokasti palaiologou
13681,149852012.09.21 12:19
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Tampa/Orlando FL EVE Meet Up..
Faraa Visteen
51,54502012.09.20 16:00
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Sexpo South Africa
068002012.09.20 08:49
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Oxford Area Players
Talemecus Valta
51,68712012.09.16 19:32
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82,05102012.09.15 19:28
Salpun Go to last post
OK, SoCal time to get the Map out on this place.
Na Tara
058002012.09.14 14:30
Na Tara Go to last post
OK, SoCAL get ure map out for this hidden location.
Na Tara
063502012.09.14 14:13
Na Tara Go to last post
Killeen / Ft Hood, TX area Eve players
71,89712012.09.14 13:16
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Any interest in a York Region meet up?
Glo Basker
059102012.09.13 22:18
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Regular tabel in Vienna
21,29302012.09.10 16:41
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PAX Prime, Seattle **Friday August 31st - Sunday September 2nd**
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Templar Nato
439,603102012.09.07 06:20
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Eve Online Asia players!
Graham Aker
42,68702012.09.02 03:44
Z1gy Go to last post
fanfest 10 any news on dates
21,10712012.08.30 09:25
Oosel Go to last post
Any Georgia Eve Players Here?
177902012.08.29 20:17
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[Adelaide] Gentlemen, to the pub!
Sir Substance
82,00302012.08.28 09:18
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Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: August 25th
Lelouch DeGilead
133,91282012.08.27 00:26
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[Gen Con 2012] Meet Up August 17th 2012 9:00 PM
Lyric Lahnder
123,31102012.08.21 23:49
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Cornwall/Devon - Plymouth (UK)
Akatori Nalelmir
31,32352012.08.20 01:06
Christopher AET Go to last post
JAKS Pub - Douglas Isle Of Man Tonight 10PM
067902012.08.18 20:12
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CCP Gamescom player gathering in Cologne, Germany, August 17
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CCP Phantom
4117,01362012.08.18 12:43
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Taranius De Consolville
082102012.08.14 11:11
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