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Price Checks
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CCP Spitfire
147,20102011.09.09 23:21
Durantis Go to last post
PC - 167M
133202017.04.15 22:58
ISD Decoy Go to last post
PC - 167M
141602017.04.15 22:57
ISD Decoy Go to last post
Price check - 75.5M SP Miner/PVE
EndaPuper Amarr
01,27402017.04.14 16:51
EndaPuper Amarr Go to last post
PC - sub cap specialist 138+m sp.
Julius Priscus
01,46902017.04.12 23:39
Julius Priscus Go to last post
PC 32.8kk sp tengu/raven/rattlesnake / good missile skills
Seta Sejiro
01,14602017.04.12 21:57
Seta Sejiro Go to last post
Good Drone/Scanner pilot
Fallyn Buck
01,41302017.04.12 10:05
Fallyn Buck Go to last post
Price Check 15.5M SP
Iomrais Breau
01,40202017.04.12 07:47
Iomrais Breau Go to last post
Maxed Rorqual pilot +JF skills
11,54512017.04.10 13:27
Henry Plantgenet Go to last post
Max rorq char
Pixie Redblade
464512017.04.10 13:06
ISD Max Trix Go to last post
Mixed PvP pilot
Arana Yvormes
01,81002017.04.08 21:26
Arana Yvormes Go to last post
Price Check Orca/Bowhead Pilot
01,92802017.04.08 02:07
Vicomto Go to last post
Price Check: 80m sp SubCap Pilot
Krayt Dargon
01,95602017.04.05 20:28
Krayt Dargon Go to last post
Price check on perfect Tengu pilot , mission runner , salvager .
Siaip Sukele
01,97302017.04.04 20:26
Siaip Sukele Go to last post
Price check - Can be deleted
Lepus Fatalis
133002017.04.04 08:56
Lepus Fatalis Go to last post
prize check plz
antonny alvarez
02,10002017.04.02 18:41
antonny alvarez Go to last post
PC: Anshar / DST / Blockade Runner pilot - 21M SP
02,22302017.03.30 19:01
Hi-Lo Go to last post
Cambion Price check
02,18802017.03.30 14:35
Steve4c Go to last post
PC: 90+ mil pirate char
134102017.03.28 12:30
IChooseYou Go to last post
Damnation BPC
Arthur Blackpenny
01,99602017.03.27 04:25
Arthur Blackpenny Go to last post
01,95902017.03.26 01:07
JitaAlt397 Go to last post
99m sp combat char price check
01,98902017.03.25 20:31
BoRn2ReIgN Go to last post
Looking for a price check or guidance
139402017.03.24 17:15
Ria Aquirez Go to last post
price check 15m sp pvp
Salvador Serpenti
01,91402017.03.24 15:57
Salvador Serpenti Go to last post
PC: Small Anti-Explosive Pump II Blueprint Rig Blueprint
Mazin Evretu
01,98702017.03.21 21:37
Mazin Evretu Go to last post
PC: Rorqual Pilot In Training
ThisEnd Up
146302017.03.21 15:44
ThisEnd Up Go to last post
Need a price check please
river boa
01,87602017.03.21 13:24
river boa Go to last post
Is this toon worth something?
Commanda Shpock
01,89802017.03.21 00:49
Commanda Shpock Go to last post
Price Check on JF/Moros/Orca Alt
11,10402017.03.20 22:50
aragnarok Go to last post
not quite cooked nidhoggur pilot
Gonnakeek Zamboudi
186202017.03.20 22:36
aragnarok Go to last post