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Launcher Opens But Game Sticks on "Logging In"
Arcane Soup
11,45602017.01.24 23:00
I'mNotAnAlienISwear WhosUrLeader Go to last post
PLEASE....go native linux support!
Tash Man
31,17942017.01.13 19:17
Demolishar Go to last post
Software/Driver Performance Improvements
03,07102017.01.13 19:16
Demolishar Go to last post
Linux Laptop Overheating when run EVE
51,49902017.01.10 11:13
Katrina Bekers Go to last post
Launcher update - game content is deleted every time
Gorden Bartschi
12,31602017.01.08 13:42
Nerakk Midumulf Go to last post
game does not strat with linux launcher
Tommy Arrano
51,33602017.01.03 21:57
Neuntausend Go to last post
[request] Allow the launcher to cache the images it uses.
Enjia Blackblood
03,42702017.01.03 14:07
Enjia Blackblood Go to last post error
Saccony Solano
31,56202017.01.01 10:35
Kpa39l Go to last post
wineHQ 2.0.1RC staging
91,50302016.12.30 02:02
elitatwo Go to last post
Performance and stability between Linux launcher and Wine 2.0-rc2
21,19622016.12.29 22:34
Grymach Go to last post
Eve Game becomes unresponsive
Indy Ambraelle
171202016.12.28 23:07
Indy Ambraelle Go to last post
Able to log into launcher, but client won't launch
Isaiah Valence
199,16522016.12.27 11:57
Darkpepper Go to last post
Several Dev questions
02,78602016.12.27 01:44
BalanceVoice Go to last post
running PYFA
31,09512016.12.26 19:30
Jack Malus Go to last post
Mouse/Cursor Issue
22,13802016.12.23 06:13
Shiroe Kumamato Go to last post
To whom it may concern - Launer not launching anymore
Mister Ripley
104,70542016.12.22 22:09
MachineOfLovingGrace Go to last post
[SOLVED] Installed 3 different ways no luck
291702016.12.21 04:16
vvbudh Go to last post
Launcher does not run.
41,07612016.12.15 22:23
Bradx954 Go to last post
Multiple Clients
61,36702016.12.13 23:57
Neuntausend Go to last post
Mumble overlay
Arshes Jakuard
12,07812016.12.13 17:00
Shiroe Kumamato Go to last post
Snorlauncher & custom wine
52,34102016.12.08 22:24
Roesjka Go to last post
Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-Bit File Download Issue
92,21202016.12.06 07:19
Saul Kashada Go to last post
Arch linux - Couldn't open index file
Doom Ormand
143,58722016.12.05 22:03
Tek Nite Go to last post
My EVE For Linux Not Working After Update. 100Mil To Get Me logged I...
Tek Nite
91,84202016.12.05 20:22
Tek Nite Go to last post
Close - EVE Is now Working
Tek Nite
02,44802016.12.05 00:53
Tek Nite Go to last post
Client not launching on new Arch install
JRoll Azizora
11,60712016.12.04 21:07
JRoll Azizora Go to last post
Sound Issues
154,38122016.12.03 23:30
Kolimara Go to last post
Slackware install with Multilib, NVIDIA Drivers and EVE Online, note...
03,17902016.12.01 15:47
Xrite Go to last post
Linux Launcher - Can't open links
Rounon Dax
62,15912016.12.01 14:37
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evelauncher not launching - no error
151702016.11.30 19:36
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