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Announcement:June release - General feedback and issues
CCP Phantom
32,66012017.06.14 06:32
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EVE Online: Crucible 1.0.3 Macintosh Issues and Feedback
CCP Spitfire
102,18632012.01.05 00:38
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Sound problems in EVE
Sonny Dang
160202012.01.04 15:25
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Has anyone tried eve with crossover games? (wine)
Matthew Barsrallah
41,60502012.01.03 21:02
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Crash - Force Shut down
292902012.01.01 22:01
Siseuta Go to last post
Gas Giants and Ring Worlds just big blue balls
Rose Hips
064902011.12.31 06:19
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Graphics turn to poop while warping
51,12312011.12.29 23:20
Kanbs Go to last post
045002011.12.28 16:12
FineGolf Go to last post
Exporting trade and wallet info to Mac
Umo Ibruin
166202011.12.26 21:56
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Shortcut keys totally broken
Ransom Note
069802011.12.24 21:11
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043502011.12.23 22:00
Ssagat Go to last post
EVE Online constantly freezing
Sonny Dang
177002011.12.22 19:05
Vincent Athena Go to last post
Subs cancelled
51,10202011.12.22 18:30
Vincent Athena Go to last post
Locking frame rate to 30 FPS?
Pham Tzu
11,00002011.12.22 06:53
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new mac user with temp problems
Dark Voynix
180002011.12.22 03:34
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Loading grid is really fracking... very... slow...
Sphit Ker
183602011.12.21 20:15
Enduros Go to last post
Choppy performance post-Crucible
Debir Achen
51,35002011.12.21 16:23
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Replacement for EveMon v3
Debir Achen
41,92602011.12.20 20:13
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Ex PC eve-er
399112011.12.20 04:46
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Mac Eve Tools - Native Mac based skill planner
1612,985122011.12.19 19:29
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FPS Buff of Dec 19?
Vincent Athena
047202011.12.19 18:58
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Patch Not Patching
269502011.12.18 23:52
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EVE Online: Crucible 1.0.2 Macintosh Issues and Feedback
CCP Phantom
31,06712011.12.17 13:51
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Can't see warp distortion effects
51,33312011.12.17 13:50
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Can anyone from CCP help? Streight forward!
E Wan
72,78952011.12.17 13:05
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MacOs Lion Unstabilty Issues
Chen-Anarr Nightrazer
052002011.12.16 18:13
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Client crash on launch
Manon Echevarria
069402011.12.13 08:12
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283202011.12.12 08:35
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To Do list for CCP/Transgaming - Stuff that windows client has, that...
175,18432011.12.12 08:33
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Overview very broken
Billy Colorado
272922011.12.11 11:07
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