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Announcement:June release - General feedback and issues
CCP Phantom
32,72812017.06.14 06:32
Vic Tenrach Go to last post
Anyone Else Have this Launcher GUI Issue
General Vasheir Gonzales
192602016.12.06 17:18
Planeten Schreck Go to last post
Bypass System Proxy
04,31302016.12.05 01:05
Kosomot Go to last post
Retina mode
CCP Snorlax
144,15352016.11.28 18:09
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Rhianna Kurosawa
31,42002016.11.26 11:21
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Trouble getting the game to launch for the first time
31,35002016.11.24 21:45
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
2016 MacBook Pro Performance
Marian Devers
12,11802016.11.24 05:13
Pouncer Go to last post
Dead launcher
Shei Bushaava
11,28802016.11.23 15:44
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Weird issues on my Mac
General Vasheir Gonzales
165202016.11.23 12:35
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
[How-To] Mac Launcher without dock icon
Michael Bone
21,72902016.11.23 03:39
Michael Bone Go to last post
Mac Os X + Wine?
Xenon Aspirse
11,05202016.11.20 17:21
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Crashes when I click "PLAY" in Launcher. Error from Wine
Ferris Galen
195002016.11.18 21:17
Kosomot Go to last post
Can't select character on character select screen since 11/1/16 ...
Eleventh Pig
32,19902016.11.09 04:56
Worfel Orlen Go to last post
Blank Character Select
Worfel Orlen
03,61102016.11.08 23:24
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118.9 - Feedback and Issues (Mac)
CCP Phantom
62,31012016.11.06 04:44
Sorin Orii Go to last post
MacOS Sierra - attn: CCP Snorlax
Amarisen Gream
133,12902016.11.03 10:03
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
macOS Wine application destination.
Naomi Karde
292002016.11.01 07:40
Naomi Karde Go to last post
iMac upgrade
Aoki Darine
41,10802016.10.28 01:53
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Inactive client muting?
Mara Rinn
03,15402016.10.26 11:28
Mara Rinn Go to last post
New launcher version - bye bye cider
Mara Rinn
177402016.10.24 23:15
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Launcher troubles
Peter Grayson
03,37002016.10.22 14:21
Peter Grayson Go to last post
Import fittings
Ann Onim
03,17302016.10.22 13:30
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118.8 - Feedback and Issues (Mac)
CCP Phantom
72,41102016.10.17 21:29
Tamar Ikur Go to last post
Running WINE and a mouse disfunction.
102,91002016.10.13 20:27
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
Clean up the stickies?
299212016.10.13 15:21
Invisusira Go to last post
Eve crashing with wine
32,09602016.10.11 09:52
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
I am confused: EVE on MBA
Kyle Rhojan
192002016.10.10 17:45
pmraiders Go to last post
Larger (100+) battles completely unplayable
21,16802016.10.09 14:35
TarPalantir I Go to last post
Destination Folder
02,95202016.10.05 13:46
Lativka Go to last post
Tactical Overlay bubble sphere gone?
Li Poe
197802016.10.03 18:36
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