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Issues, Workarounds & Localization
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Announcement:Issues, Workarounds & Localization Resources
CCP Falcon
117,16002015.02.02 15:48
Scrapps Inkura Go to last post
Announcement:The Purpose of the ‘Issues, workaround and Localization’ F...
GM Arcade
025,07502014.04.04 05:48
GM Arcade Go to last post
New player can't create character - crash
Timothy Taranogas
11,35102017.05.29 18:15
GM Mechanic Go to last post
Cannot Upgrade to Omega subscription or Buy PLEX
Fiona Portlast
01,54402017.05.29 06:46
Fiona Portlast Go to last post
Project Discovery - Matching Behavior
Yoshi Himomura
380502017.05.26 22:44
Yoshi Himomura Go to last post
Camera oddities? recent changes?
680922017.05.24 23:02
Mephiztopheleze Go to last post
Bump: Invisible ship AND now a broken tracking camera.
Daemun Khanid
101,49802017.05.24 18:09
Daemun Khanid Go to last post
Socket was closed traced back to Amazon
Mr Mieyli
498602017.05.24 14:44
Mr Mieyli Go to last post
Can we talk about the performance since the last patch?
184,06932017.05.24 13:08
Resa Moon Go to last post
Issue Finding My Account
Ollie Scorpio
096202017.05.23 16:31
Ollie Scorpio Go to last post
Graphic card glitches when using the covetor ship
Mobius Snowpaw Infinity
167302017.05.22 21:02
Raajim Shardani Go to last post
Checkout page keeps reloading
01,64702017.05.22 07:33
Peweet Go to last post
Unable to login after maintaince
688602017.05.21 11:34
Sobaan Tali Go to last post
middleware WTF and other constant log in issues
Gerald Mardiska
099202017.05.21 11:25
Gerald Mardiska Go to last post
TEST SERVER / Stuck Char
ExTrAoRdInArY ExTaCy
367032017.05.20 21:21
Xynthiar Go to last post
Amazon Payment unavailable
01,02102017.05.18 13:51
Datterich Go to last post
Anyone else lose the pitch ladder in the hud....
Shawn en Tilavine
142102017.05.18 03:10
Shawn en Tilavine Go to last post
Mass Production skill not applying.
Merin Ryskin
31,57322017.05.17 21:45
Bjorn Tyrson Go to last post
radial menü dont show up
269102017.05.17 17:11
XxUltradmbxX Go to last post
Steam Membership Issue
Phantom Violation
382002017.05.17 07:37
Celeano Starbrow Go to last post
Bumped before you can jump gates... exploit? or working as intended...
Zillian Padecain
71,45512017.05.16 14:11
Tsutomi Sakuma Go to last post
Frame/Perforamnce Drop when eve client not active window
Shadoxi Ky'klops
133,20322017.05.16 09:21
Zedifo Go to last post
Entering warp next to the suns
Jezza McWaffle
11,12702017.05.15 21:22
Shawn en Tilavine Go to last post
All Industry Jobs have Paused
Eric de'Locke
080902017.05.15 10:25
Eric de'Locke Go to last post
Ever since the last 2 updates
068202017.05.14 18:13
Piugattuk Go to last post
Connection failed" when launching the game
Tino Gwidha
11,03902017.05.13 22:06
Aerious Go to last post
Scan window layer prioritization
252202017.05.13 18:09
Silens Go to last post
[BUG?] Clone name resets after switching clones
Captain Panther
065002017.05.13 08:05
Captain Panther Go to last post
Inverted camera issue
Vokan Narkar
060802017.05.13 02:27
Vokan Narkar Go to last post
Eve interface lagging?!
Nyx Lestrange
152,67402017.05.12 15:35
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