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Announcement:CSM 12 - Rolling Updates
13,57052017.06.10 21:33
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Announcement:Welcome to the Assembly Hall
CCP Falcon
018,48802015.01.12 11:20
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[proposal] change corp creation reqs [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Red Teufel
213,154102011.10.23 02:15
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Bugged thread, please delete
Zedia Zhane
049302011.10.22 17:08
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Bugged thread, please delete
Zedia Zhane
048202011.10.22 16:58
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CCP Hilmar, you're fired.
179202011.10.22 15:05
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101,77432011.10.22 09:54
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[Proposal] Hovering corp/alliance logo's on ships.
Vertisce Soritenshi
184812011.10.21 20:49
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[Proposal] Railgun issues and possible fix
GeeShizzle MacCloud
31,12212011.10.21 11:29
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[Proposal] Skill Book "Group"
495412011.10.20 23:25
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[Call for the Chairman] Where is the CSM response to events?
Girl is Monk
152,024142011.10.20 19:39
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[Proposal] Adjust Jamming Mechanics to be Truely Chance Based
Tlak Chilk
143,894112011.10.20 14:28
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(Proposal) Create a class of Faction Battlecruisers.
Tridentus Maximus
101,797122011.10.20 14:27
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[PROPOSAL] Ship fuel: cost to travel, limit travel distance [ Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Karim alRashid
6810,641152011.10.20 13:15
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[Issue] Fix Some War Dec Mechanics
Big Bad Mofo
287652011.10.20 12:48
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[Proposal] Removal of Darius the Third from the Counsel of Stellar M... [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
Walter Stine
5810,192962011.10.20 09:02
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[Proposal] Low Sec Love [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
265,387182011.10.20 07:30
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Improvements suggested for Market operations.
61,49822011.10.19 20:49
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forum topic for new ship ideas
287502011.10.19 17:57
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WiS - iWiG? Where did WiS go? A 10 second story expanded beyond rea...
Cypher V
080502011.10.19 16:31
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[Proposal] Savable Directional Scanner Profiles
272212011.10.19 16:23
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[Proposal] Bounty Hunter Profession Recommendations
Proclus Diadochu
91,73052011.10.19 13:46
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More data!
178422011.10.19 09:31
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The Other CSM
Poetic Stanziel
61,36952011.10.19 06:35
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[Proposal] Projectile/space object collision
Hartigan Darklighter
121,84922011.10.18 22:15
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[Proposal] New stuff in space.
Vertisce Soritenshi
41,11552011.10.18 18:57
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(Proposal) Fix the Bounty system
Velin Dhal
31,10832011.10.18 05:26
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[Proposal] Bring wormhole AI to all NPC rats [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Astor Daeoli
213,49572011.10.17 22:10
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[Proposal] Compromise on Aggressed Logout Timers
Jita Bloodtear
102,24062011.10.17 21:44
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EVE Gate Should have a "Report Spam" Button
61,71452011.10.17 20:52
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