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Council of Stellar Management

Assembly Hall
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Announcement:CSM 12 - Rolling Updates
13,57452017.06.10 21:33
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Announcement:Welcome to the Assembly Hall
CCP Falcon
018,48902015.01.12 11:20
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Customs Office Munu - "Warp to Within 0 m & Access Customs ...
Sauron Zanjoahir
03,42602016.12.11 15:40
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All the small things... Corp Logos
Talon Muritor
03,61312016.12.08 20:04
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Matu Rose
11,23912016.12.08 17:57
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Blueprint copy requested changes
Jonathon Silence
51,341102016.12.06 09:24
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My thoughts on the game after coming back to check out Alpha clones....
Nicholas K Severasse
31,34202016.12.06 08:24
Ima Wreckyou Go to last post
Drastically reduce or remove Jump Clone delay
Kenji Noguchi
195,76522016.12.05 09:42
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Unable to play during wardec [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
Cricri Amatin
5310,7601052016.12.03 07:06
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(Proposal) Pre-Ascension Aura
Procyon Alcyone
123,105122016.11.26 15:56
Jin'taan Go to last post
CSM11 Evesterdam presentation
287502016.11.17 13:49
Bobmon Go to last post
Rorqual ORE Development SKIN (Permanent)
04,64202016.11.10 15:13
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svipul just a thought
Chuck Lost
71,54912016.11.08 02:09
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IGB reinstatement petition - PLEASE SIGN & SHARE
11,91852016.11.02 22:23
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CSM 11 Summit 1 Minutes
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
CCP Logibro
397,587122016.11.02 22:05
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Hisec Ganking Roundtable Part 2 - Participant Request [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
5214,044632016.10.19 13:34
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NPE, Solo Play styles, CSM Minutes - Surveying?
Li Poe
04,24302016.10.16 09:36
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I want to make Imperial Navy Slicer symmetrically. (In game graphics...
Levi Shin
11,46702016.10.11 18:34
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[Proposal] Capital Interdictor - T2 Dreads
11,14222016.10.11 07:08
Kinizsi Go to last post
Regards locators and war mechanics
Ralph King-Griffin
03,98002016.10.09 08:46
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New Eden PvE content needs a serious 2016-2017 revamp
Parnassius Apollo
51,94422016.10.06 00:04
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cynosural generator on cloaky ship
03,90702016.09.30 12:44
Dhurva Go to last post
The Newbro, The Ganker & the Bear - A tale of woe
Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance
91,932122016.09.29 02:11
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[PROPOSAL] Extend API with Citadels related data
Hideto Sunji
176402016.09.28 19:59
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CSM 11 Summit 1 Schedule
CCP Logibro
72,27152016.09.28 15:39
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I want to see more player influence in lore/storyline events.
York Saissore
03,82902016.09.28 10:17
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21,21402016.09.26 18:14
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Mining and Industry Corporations and War Declarations
Garek Lanister
173,769102016.09.19 15:20
Ima Wreckyou Go to last post
Remove Anti-Main-Faction Missions
Geronimo McVain
101,91402016.09.16 13:09
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[PROPOSAL] Security Log
Jack Carrigan
03,41212016.09.12 21:22
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