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CCP Falcon
129,82702014.11.19 16:04
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Need new corp
Swarm Fire
358902011.10.28 21:46
zeldanian Go to last post
10 mil sp pilot - returning player looking for pvp/pve fun corp.
tempus deathbringer
91,12902011.10.28 21:44
zeldanian Go to last post
Hard Rock University: You will learn by doing
Narthex T'Gollero
172,00802011.10.28 21:34
Narthex T'Gollero Go to last post
Hard Rock Mining Co DO YOU LIKE TO FIGHT? [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Narthex T'Gollero
232,56002011.10.28 21:33
Narthex T'Gollero Go to last post
Stealth Syndicate: The Tip of the Iceberg
Narthex T'Gollero
131,40402011.10.28 21:33
Narthex T'Gollero Go to last post
* High SP Pilot looking for new Corp *
91,09402011.10.28 20:29
Drew Li Go to last post
5.6 m Indy Pilot looking for 0.0 mining corp
033502011.10.28 20:19
V'Khari Go to last post
49m SP character looking for null sec home
Lucifers Associate
91,20022011.10.28 20:13
Spacestripe Go to last post
70m SP Combat Pilot looking to meet a nice corp
101,44902011.10.28 20:11
Spacestripe Go to last post
100 mill + looking for ACTIVE pvp corp.
81,15532011.10.28 20:02
Spacestripe Go to last post
Found a home
689302011.10.28 18:53
Aethis Rex Go to last post
0.0 Corp Recruiting - EU/US
Minx Smasher
596602011.10.28 18:51
Daring Don Go to last post
Dagon Industries - New Player Friendly High&Lowsec Corp Indy/PvP...
101,76902011.10.28 16:09
GhostDragoon Go to last post
Looking for 0.0 corp
Fuzzy Bunni
91,32602011.10.28 16:08
Takon Orlani Go to last post
UNCLAIMABLE - pvp alliance recruiting
Commander Xenophobe
039502011.10.28 14:58
Commander Xenophobe Go to last post
Pilots (high SP) looking for null space
Potato Vendor
162,19102011.10.28 14:19
Potato Vendor Go to last post
SBR is recruting
Commanda Marr
149112011.10.28 13:56
Commanda Marr Go to last post
LF corp T2 Drake tanker WH per.......
698202011.10.28 13:44
Aethis Rex Go to last post
77 million indy sp looking for a home [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
212,53802011.10.28 11:40
Isa Lynn Go to last post
Brand New Turkish Corp Will Be Established
Sarge Tigershark
53,06602011.10.28 09:40
Sarge Tigershark Go to last post
Corporation management - expelling members
62,32402011.10.28 09:40
rachann Go to last post
Pirate Corp looking for an Alliance
101,392112011.10.28 02:43
Shinigami yama Go to last post
73.6 mil, 31 mil, and 34 mil sp pilots looking for Incursion focused...
Krell Thannar
81,11402011.10.28 02:09
Guy Delbane Go to last post
Okay we will try this again.
029902011.10.28 02:00
EMO JAck Go to last post
Aggressive Mayhem - Incursion Corp Recruiting
Regina Minutor
262602011.10.28 01:07
Sparta93xb Go to last post
22mil SP Minmatar/Amarr toon looking for corp
71,16912011.10.28 00:24
Shai'Tekka Go to last post
Los Muertos - 0.0 Corp Recruiting Pilots - 2 Mil SP+
Rufus Ionone
695102011.10.27 23:34
Camn Go to last post
Looking for C1-C3 or C4 with static C1-C3
Alistair Croup
037102011.10.27 23:17
Alistair Croup Go to last post
4m SP pilot looking for null sec corp for PVP training
Florin Pelecaci
379702011.10.27 23:16
Scevvin Go to last post