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Announcement:Tournament Discussion has moved!
CCP Logibro
05,95202017.06.21 13:37
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Announcement:Notice to Teams: Staging Locations
CCP Logibro
23,67912017.05.09 01:23
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Top14 teams
31,48622016.07.11 14:21
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Artjay's Proving Ground
Bei ArtJay
31,29022016.07.08 20:23
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Any ETA on ATXIV Announcement & Rules [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
5011,962142016.06.27 06:20
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AT Practice Sub List
Cara Forelli
51,29422016.06.08 13:19
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When's the sign up's for 2016 ?
Blackbeard Yaken
21,24602016.05.28 08:21
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EVE DeathMatch
82,21312016.05.04 14:48
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Heres a Brand New Idea
31,16722016.04.12 14:28
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AT14 Question
General Vachot
21,32002016.03.12 22:47
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#EVE_NT Collides 2015/16 Season
Bei ArtJay
21,10922016.02.07 11:21
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AT Sansha skins
El Nomada
71,85512016.01.21 04:43
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Disappointed With the Sansha Victory skin
Frederick Rommel
84,30462015.12.21 00:39
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Planning a Local Tournament February 2016
31,19802015.12.14 01:41
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Full Video of Khanid's perspective of the Amarr Championships
Damassys Kadesh
21,13272015.12.06 18:22
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A better look at the Amarr Succession Trials
Hoodie Mafia
62,08662015.12.03 20:16
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#EVE_NT is looking for new casters!
186402015.12.03 14:04
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Amarr Championship AAR
Hoodie Mafia
61,69792015.12.01 22:01
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Thanks for the Amarr Championships
Damassys Kadesh
152,623332015.12.01 01:03
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Tournament Berth: My Experiance in the Amarr Championship
SoulLess Zealot
111,859112015.11.30 21:03
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Amarr Championships Weekend 2 Bans
CCP Logibro
62,13722015.11.16 06:52
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Match Rules for the Second Weekend of the Amarr Championship
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
CCP Fozzie
288,295142015.11.14 19:50
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A friendly suggestion for the next rounds of the Amarr championships
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Skyler Hawk
344,837322015.11.12 17:27
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What I like about the Succession Trials Tournament
132,191452015.11.11 03:53
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How the Amarr Championship Heirs chose their Champions [ Pages: 1 ... 3, 4, 5 ]
9611,7791482015.11.10 18:53
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The magnate ban.
Mr Rive
11,13982015.11.08 21:50
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Match Rules for Day One of the Amarr Championship
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
CCP Fozzie
2310,750282015.11.07 17:01
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Final list of participants in the Amarr Championships.
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
CCP Logibro
216,211272015.11.06 14:13
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AT multi-ship sansha skin
185,31552015.11.05 03:46
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EOL Behind the Scenes
General Vachot
122,308282015.11.02 23:51
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