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CCP Falcon
021,25102014.11.19 15:47
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Research Prime?! (Building a Character)
Doctor Caldari
83,344192011.10.26 00:28
Doctor Caldari Go to last post
Logistics Alt
43,61472011.10.25 19:53
Kyt Thrace Go to last post
Stealth bomber skill plan
mace windoo
718,60282011.10.25 13:12
Trouble Tomahawk Go to last post
Should I use a neural remap?
Seiei Hana
43,18752011.10.25 10:34
Shayla Sh'inlux Go to last post
Is the Leviathan a waist of time? [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Tar Omrir
226,598242011.10.25 02:44
Headerman Go to last post
Sub-system skills to 5?
52,27962011.10.24 11:11
Hathrul Go to last post
Question about Armor compensation skills and them use.
92,066112011.10.24 10:41
Tesh Sevateem Go to last post
1.6mil SP to re-allocate :o
Vasco Falcon
31,19462011.10.23 23:31
1-Up Mushroom Go to last post
Skill plan for: Minning, industry, and maybe ( maybe ) Pos/PI
Running Clam
11,28722011.10.23 21:12
Digital Messiah Go to last post
Need inspiration
Carlos Aceveda
92,102102011.10.23 17:18
Mashie Saldana Go to last post
boosters skills
Joel Mi
11,45922011.10.23 06:46
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Lost Skills - DED Connections
Kamden Line
43,65172011.10.22 23:25
Fille Balle Go to last post
Hurricane and Scout-Cheetah Skill plans
Ki're Suahien
53,49562011.10.22 02:57
Unimaginative Guy Go to last post
In game certification planner?
Cold Haggis
63,28072011.10.21 18:45
DinoReng Go to last post
Build a max booster production character.
11,20922011.10.19 07:57
UMpochtas Go to last post
thermic armor compensation skill
43,858112011.10.18 11:20
Cypher Decypher Go to last post
character purchasing
Esperio Ferver
72,28292011.10.17 14:30
mingetek Go to last post
alliance skills
Cho Konnit
21,20632011.10.17 14:20
Skippermonkey Go to last post
Redundant Skill Prereqs... Why?
51,91172011.10.17 11:14
Tippia Go to last post
Ideal support skills for battlecruisers
Arnock Koffield
73,42092011.10.16 03:56
mxzf Go to last post
does standing to corp effect buy order prices?
41,42282011.10.15 22:07
Gox24 Go to last post
Does Drone Durability Affect Fighters & Fighter Bombers?
Pestilent Industries
22,57032011.10.15 05:41
Abdiel Kavash Go to last post
Can you decrease skill time?
Moistmuffin RKHT
1015,214172011.10.14 19:14
Barbelo Valentinian Go to last post
question about social skills
Aeneas Albalon
72,42982011.10.14 12:20
Max Nebular Go to last post
New toon... which skillpath?
Blaze Cypher
163,592222011.10.12 16:59
Blaze Cypher Go to last post
T2 gun vs missile skills - why oh why?
Verity Sovereign
186,474292011.10.12 16:20
Mashie Saldana Go to last post
Increasing my powergrid?
Credo Akios
8192,531132011.10.12 07:48
Obsidiana Go to last post
What to do with next remap?
Redbeard Hakuli
72,21882011.10.11 20:19
Obsidiana Go to last post
Leadership skills (specifically boosting skills), fleet setup, and c...
Alexis Sachs
1023,768152011.10.11 18:42
SIR PRIME Go to last post