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CCP Falcon
021,35002014.11.19 15:47
CCP Falcon Go to last post
The 150,000,000 SP Club [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
Drahcir Nasom
4112,627592011.11.05 16:24
Officer Nyota Uhura Go to last post
Back after a year off...
280142011.11.05 01:54
dawa6 Go to last post
Weapon Upgrades and CPU of heat sinks/mag field stabs/gyros
Verity Sovereign
51,76262011.11.04 01:42
river Zateki Go to last post
Cybernetics level and Implants level
Aldo Hanso
74,232132011.11.03 21:58
Korsiri Go to last post
Leadership Skills: Skirm WS, Info WS, & Fleet Cmd
102,644112011.11.03 06:16
Obsidiana Go to last post
Hello starting a drake/tengu alt please help if you can =]!
123,917162011.11.01 20:39
Jennifer Starling Go to last post
Missiles vs Gunnery
31,73442011.11.01 16:21
Heun zero Go to last post
Looking for a second opinion before switching to per/wil
Kasai Sakirav
61,67872011.11.01 03:39
Kasai Sakirav Go to last post
Veteran Newbie Lost Entirely, Need Help!
Azmodelli Leetrano
31,37042011.11.01 02:06
Ruah Piskonit Go to last post
Tengu skills / Please help
Logic Luke
21,51932011.10.31 21:51
Shivus Tao Go to last post
What should I do?
279532011.10.31 19:26
Caelus Heliodromus Go to last post
Fighters 5 or Carrier 5 for a combat thanatos?
Fuel McDrag'nDrop
134,158172011.10.31 02:41
Nex apparatu5 Go to last post
Time to fly decent Assault Frigate for new player?
21,46542011.10.31 02:11
mxzf Go to last post
EWar skills and drones?
21,19132011.10.31 01:05
Kesshisan Go to last post
Rate of fire skills
Radelix Cisko
73,92082011.10.30 21:55
Nerath Naaris Go to last post
Exhumers vs Mining Barge?
94,176102011.10.30 18:54
Salpad Go to last post
Unallocated skill points
Seiei Hana
92,033102011.10.30 09:18
Heun zero Go to last post
Amarr Lvl 4 Ideal Mission running build
32,30742011.10.30 01:13
Ashley SchmidtVonGoldberg Go to last post
Skill re-wire proposal [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
225,319362011.10.28 20:26
Keri Stardust Go to last post
Caldari: Missiles, and Gunnery.
Artemis Dagon
41,65052011.10.28 16:14
Steve Ronuken Go to last post
PI and Cov Ops skill plans.
11,33032011.10.28 12:19
Roime Go to last post
Guidance for missile training.
Irava Miltof
89,044112011.10.28 11:07
Irava Miltof Go to last post
Planet Management - Room for Skill Expansion
Joshua Vaughn Lampen
61,62092011.10.27 22:24
Abadayos Go to last post
Hull Upgrades/Mechanic
1-Up Mushroom
74,70382011.10.27 21:43
rodyas Go to last post
Training Alt Characters [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Aldo Hanso
2410,357272011.10.27 19:52
Aldo Hanso Go to last post
Orca skill plan in 51 days?
Axearm Thunk'um
56,45992011.10.27 01:08
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Where would you take me?
71,348202011.10.26 18:45
Vuthu Go to last post
Another Training Advice Thread
51,23072011.10.26 18:37
Kyt Thrace Go to last post
Train or Buy a mining alt?
Castle cheesecake
42,37652011.10.26 15:44
Castle cheesecake Go to last post