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CCP Falcon
021,35002014.11.19 15:47
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Shield Emission Systems / Energy Emission Systems question
Joe Astor
32,76842011.11.22 14:28
GavinCapacitor Go to last post
Double SP training affect alts?
Amir al Muminin
31,65642011.11.21 18:16
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Iron Breaker
41,45452011.11.21 16:11
Zhilia Mann Go to last post
Help with implants
Daelic Shadowolf
395342011.11.21 11:08
Steve Ronuken Go to last post
Skills for grinding Faction Standing
Faith Sunstrider
21,50932011.11.21 00:01
Ribaldry Go to last post
advice on caps to train
82,014102011.11.19 05:48
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Sentry drones or heavies? [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
2424,928262011.11.18 21:33
Zhilia Mann Go to last post
New Booster Skills on SiSi
Cypher Decypher
63,05372011.11.18 21:12
Lukriss Go to last post
Jump Freighter Alt
816,537192011.11.16 22:36
Morg Braktar Go to last post
Amarr incursions/support pvp help: Remaps and skill choices (20m SP)
Circe Faui
51,27062011.11.16 19:45
Kaanchana Go to last post
Faction Pilot Wannabe
Eve Terrorist
41,27452011.11.16 18:15
Kaanchana Go to last post
Need some advise....
I'am Torment
276162011.11.15 20:57
Capital T Go to last post
Cerebral + New Character
Cuebert Zzyzx
103,291122011.11.15 15:44
Obsidiana Go to last post
Too-old-for-rookie GSC question.
Neve Talie-Ko
92,378102011.11.15 01:41
Katy Ling Go to last post
Order of skills/remaps for optimal training when going freighter/tra...
Shingihada Rubik
179822011.11.14 09:21
Pirmasis Sparagas Go to last post
Where to go!?
Digital Messiah
61,38872011.11.12 02:43
Kaena Stark Go to last post
Caldari Pilot Crosstraining
71,46382011.11.11 21:43
RP MAN Go to last post
Where to train from here (pvp)
185522011.11.11 20:18
Barrak Go to last post
The Almighty Dramiel!
Vandy ColdStone
41,40462011.11.11 15:40
Vandy ColdStone Go to last post
Balance Skill Training Time [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Omnathious Deninard
335,245472011.11.11 14:21
Tippia Go to last post
Planetology/Advanced Planetology
23,33362011.11.10 14:45
Kato Matsu Go to last post
Skill training
Fenris Deka
122,038142011.11.10 14:11
Fenris Deka Go to last post
Where to go from here for PVP
Boern Leedah
81,45492011.11.09 10:08
Ryuce Go to last post
cruise missiles..
118,724142011.11.09 09:02
Soldarius Go to last post
Advanced Drone Interfacing 4 or 5?
ACE ViperWolf
65,20472011.11.07 22:16
Ireland VonVicious Go to last post
training Amarr
82,241122011.11.07 21:44
Ireland VonVicious Go to last post
Hauler / PI for New Player?
53,13192011.11.07 21:41
Ireland VonVicious Go to last post
typhoon skill help
Azusa Ranuken
189232011.11.07 11:08
Potato IQ Go to last post
Cerebral thingy
41,17252011.11.07 06:47
Renllek Go to last post