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CCP Falcon
021,34902014.11.19 15:47
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Skill extractor rips off Vetrans [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Cpt Mangrum
219,098252016.10.05 20:18
PopeUrban Go to last post
Necessary to max lesser ship skills?
Joe Hekles
42,10912016.10.04 05:45
Andrew Indy Go to last post
Afterburner skill does not make sense to me.
72,70512016.10.04 01:40
Andrew Indy Go to last post
Damage per hit vs Rate of fire
Ju Keng-Ho
54,15202016.10.03 08:48
Andrew Indy Go to last post
Should i train for capitals on my main or creat an alt for capitrals...
Lillith Dragonia
53,03522016.09.30 01:14
Perkin Warbeck Go to last post
Not able to open training queue or see trained skills
Garil Dobal
51,31302016.09.24 18:22
Corin Karata Go to last post
Isn't it time we removed corp management (corp size) skills from...
Chance Ravinne
183112016.09.24 05:15
Zhilia Mann Go to last post
Which leadership skills are being removed?
31,64802016.09.20 17:19
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Boosters don't do anything?
Ora Boreshaa
61,89412016.09.11 16:48
Christopher Mabata Go to last post
{ Knowing is half the battle }
61,55872016.09.11 16:46
Christopher Mabata Go to last post
Did nothing transfer to new drone skills?
61,92912016.09.11 16:29
Christopher Mabata Go to last post
Returning player looking for advice on 9 year old account
Xarik Jaedin
21,13232016.08.22 23:32
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Missle Skills Consolidation Manifesto
123,42172016.08.03 18:57
Kitty Bear Go to last post
FW Alt - Help with skill plan
Zimu Yeva
84,14622016.07.30 02:11
Varcutii Renalard Go to last post
Skill Book Retrieval [Skills / Training Queue]
62,16842016.07.27 23:00
Keebler Wizard Go to last post
Save unallocated skill points for Level V skills to avoid long train...
Kraxon Katelo
74,44692016.07.24 14:21
Boci Go to last post
Skill plans for industrialist and trader
42,94122016.07.17 19:43
Zhilia Mann Go to last post
Implant Question
Firebird Pheonix
41,10902016.07.17 05:40
RavenPaine Go to last post
Tengu Support Skills
MJ en Gravonere
21,68322016.07.15 17:09
MJ en Gravonere Go to last post
Booster Timer Question
James Lorden
21,47922016.07.12 14:02
James Lorden Go to last post
5m sp
193812016.07.10 06:58
Mephiztopheleze Go to last post
Custom Code Expertise
Dante Jillard
94,67102016.07.07 06:26
Zhilia Mann Go to last post
Drone Navigation skill and drone tracking
Hahnide Kragomn
42,96502016.07.05 17:28
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
MCT Offer
Maximus Martinus
072002016.07.03 23:45
Maximus Martinus Go to last post
Advice on where to go next
196402016.06.25 18:42
Velarra Go to last post
Skill plan for Ratting VNI
211,58612016.06.22 07:57
Kaulis Go to last post
EVEMon - The Open Source Character Planner (v3.0.0)
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Desmont McCallock
448280,0944292016.06.15 15:09
CCP Phantom Go to last post
carrier skillbook cost
Noga Taranogas
41,86852016.06.13 20:52
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Bought some Injectors with Aurum... not got them yet.
Miss Felice
93,22142016.06.10 06:48
Tau Cabalander Go to last post