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CCP Falcon
021,34902014.11.19 15:47
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Same skills for Drones | Missiles across races
102,27512016.11.30 17:08
Matthias Ancaladron Go to last post
Refunded a million SP - no idea why
Ave Kathrina
72,71802016.11.30 14:15
Aurora Aetern Go to last post
EVEMon - The Open Source Character Planner (v3.0.2)
[ Pages: 1 ... 3, 4, 5 ]
Blitz Bandis
9247,582162016.11.30 14:05
CCP Logibro Go to last post
New skill called "surgery" [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Dr Minx
2010,845202016.11.29 22:58
Huttan Funaila Go to last post
Skills for Stratios sleeper sites?
Martin Kangawa
84,99622016.11.27 11:57
Milostiev Go to last post
Implants that reduce training times
67,64502016.11.25 02:24
Antillie Sa'Kan Go to last post
Skill training queue going backwards
Stella Thara
295802016.11.23 10:35
GKFC Go to last post
Extract & Inject into Main or sell?
31,93712016.11.18 10:18
Do Little Go to last post
Omega Clone State
Forum Toon
31,45202016.11.18 08:17
Andrew Indy Go to last post
Skill plan for PERFECT dread pilot
Dameon Achasse
63,60272016.11.16 12:19
Hulk Miner Go to last post
[suggestion] Defender Missiles and Gallente AC
Nosum Hseebnrido
01,92402016.11.16 00:50
Nosum Hseebnrido Go to last post
Leadership Skills Question
21,05412016.11.14 14:24
Eternus8lux8lucis Go to last post
Trading Skills and Contracts
Sir Cheesy
21,84102016.11.12 21:43
Sir Cheesy Go to last post
How do I determine all skills that affect a specific ship and or fit...
Larokai Spacedocker
63,49522016.11.07 23:02
Do Little Go to last post
Looking up skill points question...
51,26102016.11.07 05:59
Hesod Adee Go to last post
Is the SP Cap Applied Before or After the Skill Injector Has Been Us...
102,66212016.11.07 03:58
DSpite Culhach Go to last post
Where to go from here?
Erastus Kaan
31,04722016.11.02 15:27
Mephiztopheleze Go to last post
195902016.10.31 21:36
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
Elephant in the Room
Maizie Fields
02,07702016.10.30 14:22
Maizie Fields Go to last post
Issue with Proposed Fleet Booster Dynamics
Marcus Binchiette
81,47902016.10.30 02:39
Marcus Binchiette Go to last post
Supply Chain Management
152,92732016.10.29 11:33
Do Little Go to last post
Attribute booster from Crimson Harvest event
42,36322016.10.20 17:27
Do Little Go to last post
Alpha Characters for EFT
Zhilia Mann
78,969162016.10.19 07:47
DSpite Culhach Go to last post
New character boosts not working?
Red Carcharias
41,31202016.10.17 11:48
HandelsPharmi Go to last post
Question regarding planetary interactions skill
71,70732016.10.13 12:52
Berant Go to last post
DPS Progression and sub skills
Warleng Aurilen
31,04202016.10.11 16:04
RavenPaine Go to last post
Evegate skills show some to 5 but in game they are not
Charlette D'thallion
11,71002016.10.11 02:31
Andrew Indy Go to last post
Missile range
32,15002016.10.11 02:14
Andrew Indy Go to last post
Why do skill injectors require you to leave your ship ?
Hesod Adee
41,27002016.10.06 17:45
DJ puar Go to last post