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RAW Materials Trade Bond - 60bil @ 3% [Filled] [ Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
6513,253332017.05.31 17:27
Vaerah Vahrokha Go to last post
Mineral future platform (pre-alpha idea)
Professor JinMine
587702017.05.31 04:29
Professor JinMine Go to last post
Up to 75bil, urgent, fully collateralized loan, 2-week duration
probag Bear
151,70412017.05.30 21:20
Droodid Go to last post
Info only: 20bil collat loan
Cor'El Dahken
146802017.05.30 05:41
Martin Hartl Go to last post
monthly plex=1.3b
El Pacho Delaquira
183,83652017.05.27 11:13
Punctator Go to last post
Looking for 5B uncollatoralised loan !
Calli Uta
91,18312017.05.26 10:45
Jove Taldari Go to last post
ISK 5bn Uncollateralized Loan (INFO ONLY)
Aaron Alckschild
182,511132017.05.25 11:39
Sabriz Adoudel Go to last post
Observation of resources prices over past year
Adriaan Agrenzel
121,74952017.05.24 23:56
Mephiztopheleze Go to last post
Different styles of Station Trading (How often do you sit on stock?)
Zvoma Zvanda
112,528102017.05.21 04:24
Tanuki Kittybeta Go to last post
Is this within the rules?
Fingal Kane
798112017.05.20 22:57
Jeronica Go to last post
Grow 100B with little effort
Candy Pants
122,51312017.05.19 00:16
Sabriz Adoudel Go to last post
Trade Hubs [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Daren Killar
2612,79872017.05.18 11:40
NanDe YaNen Go to last post
Help out a returning player?
Ante up
101,67432017.05.17 15:53
Moac Tor Go to last post
longfecking johnsilver
249502017.05.17 09:09
longfecking johnsilver Go to last post
Virtual Business Presentation - EvE
381722017.05.17 00:58
Caleb Ayrania Go to last post
Most expensive modules
Captain Lollypop
51,73912017.05.16 23:19
LadyOfWrath Go to last post
Tower production
Krota Merga
489112017.05.16 19:55
Tau Cabalander Go to last post
/!\ Loans Available /!\ [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
288,47632017.05.14 22:54
Ralien Tor Go to last post
Geckos, whats peoples predictions?
noobs market orders
291002017.05.13 11:00
Cista2 Go to last post
Seeking advice for an ambitious project: Freeport Wormhole Citadel
Alexander Otium
41,60822017.05.13 07:30
Aeryn Maricadie Go to last post
Carlos Vacca
52,03142017.05.11 22:01
Careby Go to last post
Megacyte dumping
Murph Onzo
21,18302017.05.10 12:52
virm pasuul Go to last post
Asking for a loan of 25b ISK [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Celengan Babi
223,14162017.05.09 10:22
Droodid Go to last post
Please explain why i can't fill a buy order from another citadel...
112,31922017.05.05 21:21
Gilbaron Go to last post
Serious Question - What to do with 150b?
idont havefriends
498102017.05.05 12:19
Do Little Go to last post
Price of Jump of Freighter per m3 in null
Inactive Seller
21,60602017.05.04 16:25
Inactive Seller Go to last post
The Legendary Chribba
Punisher Ofara
93,28932017.05.04 10:13
Gimme Sake Go to last post
Best Market Tool for a Full-Time Trader?
Desmios Sanguis
35,69122017.05.02 23:24
Mijel Riak Go to last post
Discord CB radio chat for miners and haulers
Muri Sirober
51,68402017.05.02 00:29
Obsidian Blacke Go to last post
Help with Evernus
190102017.04.28 10:39
voetius Go to last post