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Announcement:Ships and Modules Resources
CCP Falcon
032,28902015.01.12 11:30
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102,08352017.06.06 16:05
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Capital Ship Requirements
Novor Drethan
71,82202017.06.05 22:03
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Vexor Nerf [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
358,613162017.06.05 13:21
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High Sec Autopilot Taxi Frigate
Nerlens Nerlens
74,05122017.06.05 04:28
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pyfa download
Crimson Mountain
01,04002017.06.04 19:53
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Porpoise Fit
Ash Beldrulf
219,02112017.06.04 11:23
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Porpoise vs Retreiver
sinisterCTRL Uta
1423,57642017.06.04 07:59
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Solo Corm FW Fit [TOPSECRET] - please advise
Desmios Sanguis
21,69202017.06.04 01:03
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Nodules keep status 'overheat on' after jump/dock/undock?
April rabbit
095702017.06.03 21:06
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Various fits and advice
71,39302017.06.03 19:25
Haedia Go to last post
Am I the only one who thinks Vargur dps is way too low? [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
227,18442017.06.03 01:00
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Tengu or other ship for escalations?
Alex Winchest
22,15702017.06.01 13:43
Toobo Go to last post
Can a Hurricane go against a PvE fit BS?
Reaven Rolswulf
115,43422017.06.01 13:20
Toobo Go to last post
Absolutely Obliterated
CloakAndDagger Insidious
133,47952017.06.01 12:30
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Stacking penalty between Inertial Stabilizer & Nanofiber Structu...
EnZz0 Miyamoto
21,47442017.05.31 23:45
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Need your advice! What Ship / Build for LVL 4 missions? [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Emperor Xero
2613,01262017.05.31 22:58
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Need Blockade Runner Help
Sidonas Tsero
85,88332017.05.29 16:55
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Battleships and Capitals: Bigger is not better [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
4212,501452017.05.28 21:03
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vorgan Kion
32,29912017.05.25 17:25
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Some help with griffin needed
Culpeo Odunen
32,26302017.05.25 16:32
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Vigilant or Deimos
Karmen Baric
126,71242017.05.24 15:57
W0lf Crendraven Go to last post
Moving ships around (miner and frigate)
Francis Geldere
89,19942017.05.24 14:30
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Why are your favorite novice/small/medium/large plex ships?
W0lf Crendraven
01,70712017.05.23 20:10
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Laser Fit Alpha Gnosis
Mauhur Rakkir
98,98822017.05.23 03:52
Xianax Go to last post
Best of class: Assault frigates
Caleb Seremshur
1710,079142017.05.22 18:32
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New bomb types?
Amo Nox
41,38902017.05.22 12:57
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Ship for c3 sites
Wormhole Walter
36,48312017.05.19 23:07
Judas Lonestar Go to last post
New t2 Battleship?
Captain Lollypop
153,55252017.05.19 12:19
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any good drake fit?
winterblitz Crendraven
31,99772017.05.17 17:37
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