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The fanfest mid-transit meetup thread

Sir Substance
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2012-03-15 10:41:29 UTC
Last year, I had the good fortune to randomly stuble across a few people on the forum, who by pure coincidence were on the same flights as me to fanfest.

It saved me a few boring hours at Amsterdam airport, so this year I'm starting a thread for it.

Post as much flight details as you feel comfortable with here, and see if you can fleet up on the run into Reykjavik!

I will be taking the following flights:

Singapore airlines SQ278 from Adelaide, Australia to Changi Airport, Sinagpore, departing march 17, 12:40pm local time.

Singapore airlines SQ324 from Changi to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Departing Match 17th, 11:50pm local time.

Icelandair FI503 from Schiphol airport to Keflavik airport, Iceland, Departing Match 18th, 1:20pm local time.

Post here if you link up with me, or post your own details if you want to see if you can find others!

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Gallente Federation
#2 - 2012-03-17 00:58:52 UTC
I will be taking:

Fanfest, ho!:
Delta Air Lines flight 848 from MSP International Airport (Minneapolis MN) to Logan International Airport (Boston MA), departing March 20th, 1:00pm local time.
Icelandair flight 630P from Logan International Airport to Keflavik International Airport, departing March 20th, 9:30pm local time.

Homeward bound:
Icelandair flight 631P from Keflavik International Airport to Logan International Airport, departing March 26th, 5:00pm local time.
Delta Air Lines flight 809 from Logan International Airport to MSP International Airport, departing March 27th, 6:10am local time.

Would be cool to meet up with a few peeps going to and/or coming back from Fanfest. Otherwise I'll just be reading my Kindle and minding my own business.

When I finally do make an impact on this universe, it will reverberate across the entirety of it, and no one will be able to truthfully claim they don't know me. - -

Until then, I'll just sit quietly over here, minding my own business...

Marbin Drakon
Reboot Required
#3 - 2012-03-17 12:11:38 UTC
American Eagle 3992 from Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport to Chicago (12:45 PM local to 2:30 PM local)
American 54 from Chicago to Manchester (5:55 PM local to 6:45 AM local)
Icelandair FI441 from Manchester to Reykjavik (12:25 PM local to 3:00 PM local)

Icelandair FI450 to London (Oh god morning flight) (7:40 AM local to 11:45 AM local)
American 6197 from London to Chicago (3:35 PM local to 5:55 PM local)
United 6146 from Chicago to NW Arkansas (8:14 PM local to 10:00 PM local)

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Orbital Manoeuvres in the Dark
#4 - 2012-03-20 10:53:00 UTC
March 21st

SWISS - LX 1290
Basel - Copenhagen Dep. 15.00 Arr. 16.50
Copenhagen - Reykjavik Dep. 20.10 Arr. 22.20

March 28th

Reykjavik - Amsterdam Dep. 07.55 Arr. 12.55
SWISS - LX 729
Amsterdam - Zurich Dep. 14.50 Arr. 16.20

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