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Appetite 4 Destruction - Quality over Quantity

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Rote Kapelle
#121 - 2012-01-27 16:09:16 UTC
The small 200 man coalition of LLAMA and A4D are fighting for the laughs of it in Curse.

As stated before, there is a large band of failure trying to purge anyone who doesn't want to get on board with their lame empire building. This isn't going to work.

Typically, A4D and LLAMA are quite content shooting one-another and then hitting the bar afterwards to laugh about how Barry Cuda lost another faction BS. Consistent sparring partners keep your skills sharp. But when "bigger" kids try to play, we team up to ruin their lives.

This is a friendly bump for our buddies in A4D
#122 - 2012-01-28 01:57:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Omegaplex
Zimi Vlasic wrote:
The small 200 man coalition of LLAMA and A4D are fighting for the laughs of it in Curse.

As stated before, there is a large band of failure trying to purge anyone who doesn't want to get on board with their lame empire building. This isn't going to work.

Typically, A4D and LLAMA are quite content shooting one-another and then hitting the bar afterwards to laugh about how Barry Cuda lost another faction BS. Consistent sparring partners keep your skills sharp. But when "bigger" kids try to play, we team up to ruin their lives.

This is a friendly bump for our buddies in A4D

Arrow All The Gear And No Idea Is How I Sum Up The So Called Big Kids
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
#123 - 2012-01-29 14:14:33 UTC
Arrow Another weekend of fun and frolics in Curse

Arrow Seems strange that this little piece of the sandbox attracts so much attention

Arrow But if it fills up the overview I'm happy

Arrow Sunday roast is eaten , glass of wine in hand , the mood is set for an afternoon of PVP , perfect end to the week Big smile
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#124 - 2012-01-30 12:52:41 UTC
Risk vs. reward.

Lets start by saying there is a reason we live in Curse. It has to do mostly with the horrific game mechanics that CCP has laid out for us. The entire game revolves around the massive amounts of idiots that can gather in one place and F1 you to death. I got to see this mechanic at work during my brief stint in Against All Authorities. We amassed a huge blob to fight a bigger blob in Providence.

That was one of the most disgusting game displays that I have had witness to. 1400 in local, when I jumped in system it took me 4 loads of laundry to load system. I remember asking myself…why am I paying for this. Who find this fun? And mostly, what kind of person role plays a slave holding religious sect. That my friends is CVA.

Although I find the style of game play utterly revolting, you can not dispute its effectiveness. If you have 100 retards on a gate, that is much more effective than the top 10 players in EVE. It’s the sad truth. But there is a silver lining to this story.

We went into Proviblob territory and managed to sneak out a Maelstrom, Megathron, and a pimped out Tengu before succumbing to the provi blob. Overall I have no idea what we lost as a gang, but as a corp. I know we lost a Vagabond, Harb and a couple of scimitars…as well as the loot.

Moral of the story. No matter how good you are, the blob will always win. Just make sure you get your kills first.
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#125 - 2012-01-31 15:24:26 UTC
Low hanging fruit vs High hanging fruit

Two of the best scouts I know are Cal7 and Mr. Bowl. I bet they have a dozen “Where’s Waldo” books on hand at any time. I mean, I consider myself a decent scout. I can belt scan down a ship in less than 20 seconds, but these two guys are the elite of the elite. I have and incredible amount of respect for how good those two guys are at grabbing that high hanging fruit.

EVE is the only game of it’s kind. Unlike world of dorkcraft, there are actual repercussions. In dorkcraft, if you die, you don’t lose your items. In EVE you are screwed. THAT is where the game differs. Unfortunately the Devs cater to the guys that take no risk…the care bears. And even worse, they cater to the macro botters that log off when you hit local.

There lies the issue. There isn’t enough reward sometimes to justify the hunt. To get the thrill you should be able to get at least 4-5 high hanging fruits every roam. I don’t know how many times I have roamed to kill a battle cruiser , or maybe a battleship to come home and find 5 hurricanes in our home system. So I understand fully that some of my guys don’t like to leave the endless supply of low hanging fruit.

This week has been all low hanging fruit. None of the main FC’s have had enough time to organize anything of substance. Although I am proud of my guys for eating their fill of the low hanging fruit, and taking roams when they can. I am truly blessed to be associated with such murderers and thugs. Now only if CCP can get off their arse and make it easier to eat that apple at the top of the tree.
Art of War Alliance
#126 - 2012-02-01 11:06:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Bren Genzan
Shout out to A4D from the guys next door.
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#127 - 2012-02-01 13:14:20 UTC
The A4D Scramble

For a small corp. we don’t scramble as fast as we should. The one thing we do get right is we always have lots of battle cruisers on hand to undock in. Although we were short on people last night, we had about 5-6 logged on shooting the sh!t. Our buddy Mastachief called out that the Cult of Baal gang had returned from their roam. This started the usual questions, How many, ship types, etc etc.

We really didn’t know what we had…we knew they had 2 Vagabonds, 1 Hurricane, 1 Ares and an unknown. So we undocked 3 Hurricanes thinking that this may do the trick. We had additional guys in Destroyers, but we didn’t count those. After bouncing around the gates trying to find these guys we got wind that their Vaga was engaged with an Oracle we never knew we had. Within 8 seconds after landing the Vagabond had killed our Oracle.

We killed the Vagabond, then lands their gang. The fight was on. We called their Hurricane primary right as a falcon uncloaked and started jamming us. One of our destroyers somehow killed their Ares in this melee, but for a while we were all jammed. We pointed when we could but eventually their Hurricane left never to return.

Somehow we never noticed that they had Blues show up, the most memorable was a Loki, where I overheated my mids to keep him close by. Although the Falcon was trying to keep us off of him, Cy Pherboi, SYricon, Samosa, and Lord Rapture were harmoniously repointing when they could. This Loki kill paid for all losses.

We lost ships, undocked in new ones, they lost ships undocked in new ones. I felt like Jayne Cobb in Firefly just pulling out a different gun when the first one ran out of bullets. Needless to day these guys brought a fight. Although we won it could have went both ways. That Falcon pilot of theirs earned his pay that day. Hats off goes to the Cult of Baal guys.

One or two more jams and the fight would have went the other way. I think the total player count ended up being 8 on 8. That is the type of fight I play this game for. And if we hadn’t scrambled so well, we would have missed out on the carnage.
#128 - 2012-02-03 00:43:32 UTC
Arrow Now Ranked 184th On Battleclinic Big smile

Arrow Heading In The Right Direction Smile

Arrow Under Good Leadership , With Corp Members With An Attitude To Match Twisted

Arrow Come See What We Are About Idea
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#129 - 2012-02-03 13:18:01 UTC
Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Suicidal Tendencies fan.

The first time I saw them was way back in high school. I remember slamming against the wannabe gangtas in the mosh pit singing “Suicides and alternative”, “All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi and she wouldn’t give it to me”. Good times and great memories. Fast forward some 10 years….ok who the hell am I fooling(25 years).

I log in to Eve and my buddy Taang from Eve Animal Control convo’d me up saying hey, there is a Dread in siege in YKE, want to help us kill it? To be honest Capital ships aren’t really our forte’ But hell, I like blowing sh!t up so we rallied up the troops. We went over to YKE and realized, our buddies weren’t there.

I thought, am I in the right system? then my guys jumped in and they said. Are we in the right system? About that time we all managed to get on the right TS to find out yes. we were in the right system…but the cavalry was a couple jumps behind. Then some tool said, the dreads were warping.

Taang asked us to get a tackle on the dreads…who in hindsight weren’t moving at all but we did as asked although we knew it wasn’t going to go well (I felt a prison buttseks coming on). By the time the backup arrived, we had suicide hero tackled a dread(which eventually warped off) before being mauled by the 38 man gang.

All is not a failure however, Eve Animal Control beat the living snot out of the Bringers of Blob allowing us enough loot to pay for a good portion of our losses. It sucks that we lost that one, but it wasn’t for a shortage of *********. I guess I owe the A4D guys a Pepsi for their heroic suicidal tendencies.
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#130 - 2012-02-03 19:58:58 UTC
Douchebaggery and Asshatery

When you are small sometimes you just have to be a complete d!ck. A few weeks back we noticed a team of AB fit Tengus coming through the same time every day. Since we assumed they were coming, we decided to be asshats.

We threw a large bubble on the gate, threw some small tackle and a couple armor double webbed Hurricanes with more T3 bonuses than thought humanly possible, a rapier, a Taranis and 3 Falcons with more Caldari Jammers than you can shake a stick at.

Well it went down exactly as planned, the Tengu came in and got a point on one of the Hurricanes and started burning away trying to kite the Hurricane. Since we were waiting on the other three to jump in the Falcons stayed cloaked. When the second Tengu got pointed, we uncloaked and started jamming. It took a while but we splashed the first Tengu, the second got away as a precision missile ended up taking out our Taranis.

It was really quite funny, We were called racial slurs and had our sexual orientation questioned. In reality, they killed themselves by being predictable. I always find it ironic when someone with the “I win” button gets beat. They tend to whine like crazy. That loss created 3 of the items given away to corp. members for their December awesomeness.

We may not be in a 8 billion isk gang, but don’t think we won’t go to any lengths to beat you’re a$$. We cheat to win.
Gallente Federation
#131 - 2012-02-04 14:02:47 UTC
Man i wish i wasn't playing with RL friends, A4D looks fun place to be.

#132 - 2012-02-05 01:30:06 UTC
Arrow Looks Like Curse Is Hotting Up To Be The Trendy Place In Town , No Idea Why , But Targets Are Juicy , Lot's Of Traffic , What More Can A Group Of BadAss MOFOS Ask For Evil
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
#133 - 2012-02-06 00:22:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Omegaplex
Arrow Now Ranked 183 On BattleClinic , We Are Not In An Alliance , We Have Very Few Blues , Live In The Hostile Enviroment Of Curse

Arrow Well Done To All The Guys In A4D , Job Well Done Big smile

Arrow Keep Killing Them All Twisted
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
Caldari State
#134 - 2012-02-06 01:32:04 UTC
good group of guys
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#135 - 2012-02-06 13:11:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Sygma
Did you get what you came for?

We have found a nice little hunting ground in Catch region. There is a small alliance there by the name of Legio Astartes. Although much larger than us, we still sometimes try to poke the hornets nest. Since we have been helping some friends with some things we haven’t been on many roams this week. This was our chance to get out of the house so to speak.

We set out with a couple Scimitars, 2 Vagabonds, Cynabal, Hurricane, zealot, and a four frigates. It was a decent sized gang with Logistics, and a little light on DPS. We could have went two ways, but it was decided we would steer clear of the perpetual log in traps in Hemin. So we went the other way.

About 3 jumps in we ran into a Legio Astartes Dramiel in VOL-MI, and our scout jumped into K-B, the dramiel followed. I figured there would be a gang of theirs but I assumed ours was a similar size and we were ok with a fight…hell that is why we came. So when our scout in his Taranis engaged the Dramiel, of course both gangs jumped in.

As we warped local climbed, and climbed. I remember thinking this may not be good. So we engaged, we called the blackbird primary, then their first Basilisk. About that time our first Scimitar went down. One of our guys said, I am jammed, so their Griffin was called primary next, followed by their second Falcon. We then lost our second scimitar, and so on and so forth.

It kinda went to shite from there as they were a bit heavier on the DPS. We ended up with 46% efficiency but that was because of pod losses, but all and all it could have went worse. Shout goes out to the Legio Guys for fighting. Also, thanks for the pimped out daredevil for making the fight feel tighter than it was.
#136 - 2012-02-08 10:41:53 UTC
Arrow Another Fine Weekend Of PVP Evil
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#137 - 2012-02-08 13:09:00 UTC
Sygma said Low Hanging Fruit vs. High hanging fruit. hehehehe. Come to curse and Ill give you a taste of some LOW Hanging fruit. One fruit basket or Nanner and plums coming your way!!!
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#138 - 2012-02-08 13:21:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Sygma
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Appetite 4 Destruction.
#139 - 2012-02-08 13:24:22 UTC
Did you get what you came for part II?

We like engaging Legio Astartes, they are bigger than us, and tend to fight. If it is close, they engage. I have nothing bad to say about them at all. In fact we fought them the other day and we didn’t fare so well. Last night was different.

The op was scheduled for last night and I barely made it on in time to participate. I am glad I did as we had 15 active pilots. So we set out with 15 in fleet, Broadsword, Curse, 6 Drakes, Harbingers, 2 Hurricanes, 3 Basilisks and a Taranis.

We figured we would go look for trouble, for some reason I got put on point and I scouted the group ahead. Two jumps out of the destination system a AAA pod was going through system. I had the gang hold up…I knew that they were blue and I didn’t want to give our fleet comp up just yet. I was hoping I would make it on their radar with a single Drake.

With one jump out the AAA Pod jumped out and I called in the fleet to the empty system and we sat on the out gate. The plan was to jump in with a couple drakes and see if we could pick a fight on the station…the plan never really came together as when we jumped in…they had a small fleet of ten on the gate.

They bubbled themselves and us, so we started shooting their Blackbird, which jumped out. The fight was on, they were mostly aggressed, so we had the rest of our gang jump in. I had just hit armor when the Basilisks locked me, and repaired me back up to 100% shields.

I had no idea how many they actually had but I assume that it was close to ten we only killed five. Hats off to Legio Astartes for the fight. A pleasure as always.
Goonswarm Federation
#140 - 2012-02-08 13:32:42 UTC
You guys do any black ops stuff?
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