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Would anyone be interested in rookieship capture the flag?

Shang Ghjuvan
Shang Ghjuvan Corporation
#1 - 2012-03-08 07:23:34 UTC
I'm thinking everyone joins a freshly made corp with a freshly made noob or (for those with all slots filled) a pre-screened alt we then would all buy whatever mods we wanted and haul them to the same system, join fleet, and pick teams. The corp thing is to avoid the messiness of lowsec and allow pvp under concord guard. Basically how the game works is you have a judge assigned to your team which sits in a ship which is infeasable to kill by noob ships with 1 drone. if any player from another team "tags" said ship they will assign the drone to said player. If the tagging player's noob ship is killed the drone returns. If someone makes it to their base with your drone you loose. The awesome part is if you try to warp off with the flag guess what happens. Last but not least if you loose your noob ship dock up, grab another, fit it, and rejoin the fray.
Potential modifications

  • Wardecs could be used also I guess but this method seems simplest as any mods the majority of people would want to use require low sp
  • this limits the amount of mods that can be used as the ships have low fitting abilities and people have low sp leveling the playing field
  • Theoretically the number of teams does not have to be limited to two
  • multiple drones could be used as lives for the team
  • there could be prizes involved.

Basically I'm posting to see if there's interest and to get others to help me theory craft.
#2 - 2012-03-21 16:23:45 UTC
I imagine 20 rookie ships shooting the "flag" ship and everyone shouting I tagged it on comms.