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The 3rd EVE-Chan Contest opened. (2012/02~03)

Mecatama Mk2
#1 - 2012-03-06 13:49:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Mecatama Mk2
The '3rd'.

1st. 2010:
2nd. 2011:

Now 2012. the the 3rd contest opened. (2012/02~03)
I opened the contest three times, I can not believe that.
It started from simple delusion 'The MOE', and I WAS HERE.

SO. like japan-anime style, but these author: south koreans(ROK). NOT North(DRPK)
Kim Jung - eun and DRPK people can not do it.
ROK is Liberal democracies. XD.

This contest have two category : MOE EVE-Chan and Kuvakei
EVE-chan is sumit 9 picture.
Kuvakei is only 1 picture sumit. kuvakei is fail. :(

Amarr Dreadnought: Revelration

Warrin: R-17 picture.
Frozen corpse female 'Plz hug me... It's too cold so i can stand anymore '
Galente BC: Brutix
Rogue Drone.
Galente user station. 'wanna docking? lick my toe.'
Galente frigate: Tristan
Minmata HAC: vagabond
Amarr Static crusier: Legion
Angel battleship: Machariel.


Warrin: R-17 picture.
want save your mental? DO NOT CLICK.

EVE-chan contest simple rule.
allow Loli, allow Gay, allow R-18
Without Hakan Cruetzfeldt, Pedophilia

Anime&Manga: Loli (Maybe arrest)
Real: Pedophilia. (Surely you under arrest)

2013. 4th EVE-chan coming. and Kuvakei again. Yankees also are expected to be be able to join.

Rule #34 to EVEOnline.

Cruor Angelicus
#2 - 2012-03-07 17:35:17 UTC
wuv that rev :3

The Drake is a Lie

National Quality Breaker
#3 - 2012-03-11 05:53:30 UTC