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Blue's Instant Faction Lottery

Ophelia Blue
Blue Lottery
#1 - 2012-02-27 03:37:07 UTC

This is a in station game in Jita 4-4

link to past board of feedback

The Breakdown Rules

1. In each can is a faction and/or a tech 3 item. The price varies per can.
2. There are a certain number of good prizes and a certain of lower end prizes in each can.
3. Each round there are new prizes and the charge per can changes every round.

4. Join Channel "BLUE LOTTERY" and the MOTD will give the description of the round. AKA The prizes left, the price of each can, and how many are left.
5. FIRST open trade with Ophelia Blue and she will put in the cans that are left ranging from 0-xx number of cans.
6. You tell in the channel which can(s) you want.
7. I will trade with you again and give the cans you asked for.

8. EACH ROUND IS DIFFERENT. The Start over once the main prizes are won.
9. Free items are thrown in on special rounds

Come into Channel "Blue Lottery" And watch the fun! Do not need to buy anything to watch

Good Luck!!!

First Round - DRAMIEL BPC won by HoShi Min
Second Round - Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer won by Hoshi Min
Third Round - Ashimmu won by Queen Harvest & Dark Blood Warp Disruptor won by corey
Fourth Round - Cynabal won by Petra Storm
Fifth Round - Tengu won by M To & Gistum B-Type 10MN AB won by Pillan AmarrGR
Sixth Round - Omen Navy won by BLAZE BLACK
Seventh Round - Vigilant BPC won by Adele Tulouse
Round 8 - Succubus won by ZX 185& Dramiel won by Facter
Round 9 - Ashimmu won by ZX 185 & Phantasm
Round 10 - Domination Warp Disruptor won by Xellia, Caracal Navy Issue, Omen Navy Issue
Round 11 - Chimera won by Patrick
Round 12 - Orca & Rattlesnake won by Icarantus
Round 13 - PLEX won by Eloxon
Round 14 - Domination Web by unkown
Round 15 - Cynabal won by EXOLUS18
Round 16 - PLEX Won
Round 17- Ashimmu Won
Round 18 - PLEX iwon by Arkan Eto
Round 19 - Chimera won by AssassinationsdoneWrong
Round 20 - Vigilant won by Kathrine Lavie
Round 21 - CARRIER by Kathrine Lavie
Round 22 - PLEX won by Castle
Round 23 - Daredevil won by Elizabeth
Round 24 - TENGU won By Elizabeth
Round 25 - Chimrea & Macherial
Round 26 - CYNABAL in progress

Total Prizes amount - 27.9 billion