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WH Mercs for hire, Narwhals Ate My Duck

Socks Malone
Caldari State
#1 - 2011-09-08 06:51:12 UTC
Because Chitsa is a lazy yet sexy* git, I will post our ad on my way out of quitting EVE for the next few months, years, decades.

Narwhals Ate My Ducks is the premier WH mercenary corp. We specialize in WH's and pretty much nothing else. We offer the following services:
1. WH eviction and POS destruction
2. WH set up or evacuation
3. Some other ****, but I'm too lazy to read our forums, let's just say it involves blowing up other people's ships, POS's and pos modules for you.

There are many other fine corps that do do WH merc work such as Noir, Orphanage and Snatch Victory, but we specialize in it and it's the only thing we do for merc work. We also have an excellent record of merc service in WH's.


*I have a pic of Chitsa, though I haven't seen the squirrel porn one yet.