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Straight Jacket Bears Null Alliance is recruiting

Tru Dark
Star Frontiers
Brotherhood of Spacers
#1 - 2017-07-31 22:02:40 UTC
Straight Jacket Bears Alliance is currently looking to recruit small to medium sized corps to bolster our pvp capability. Ideally we are looking for smallish corps who have a good core of mates flying together and the willingness to gradually recruit and increase in both size and capability.  We operate a fun, friendly, mature atmosphere and focus on skilled individuals that can also work well in a team environment.

Current area of operations/sov: Scalding Pass/Great Wildlands

What we can provide you and your corporation?

* SRP (ship replacement policy).
* Experienced FC and leadership.
* PVP active alliance.
* Safe environment to make isk (when not killing stuff).
* Relaxed and approachable leadership.
* FCing opportunities
* Alliance buy back program for loot, ore and salvage
* Alliance Jump Freighter service
* + much more!

What we require of you and your corporation?

+ Voice comms active (We believe that regular voice communications between our members strengthens the bond and cohesion of our corporations + and in turn benefits the whole alliance).
+ Corporation size of 15+
+ Full api for our Auth services which provides discord and voice comms.

If your interested contact Tru Dark in game channel Straight Jacket Bears or on our discord
Tru Dark
Star Frontiers
Brotherhood of Spacers
#2 - 2017-08-01 21:16:14 UTC