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Exploration region

Rhayn Rowe
050 Holdings
#1 - 2017-07-15 18:21:15 UTC
Hey there, pretty new to exploration so I'm looking for a region to go exploring in. Found a few candidates on Dotlan with low ship jumps and kills but I was told the loot in Sansha is said to be pretty lucrative and I figured most people would be ratting not exploring.Because of the Sansha NPC hunters there, I can't tell how many explorers are in the site as the jumps in most systems are high according to dotlan. Would it be worth me exploring in an NPC region or is the region regularly explored in?

I have no problems with dying or even if the rewards are somewhat lower than optimal, I just wanna be able to actually find cans. Out of the ~15 systems I searched in drone space I only found 1 data site and it just got a bit boring.

Thanks in advance.
United Allegiance of Undesirables
#2 - 2017-07-15 19:45:27 UTC
Allow me a short story that will help you understand my answer a little later in this post.
Exploration used to be more difficult requiring a high skills pilot with the best equipment to lock signatures, in fact even with max skills implants were needed to lock some of them.
Then CCP decided this was bad, and they wanted to open up exploration to more players especially those new players whose characters had low skills so they made probe scanning so easy a 2 year old can do it blindfolded (yes bitter vet syndrome more at the end if you care to read that far). With thousands of characters exploring that were not doing it before and selling the looted stuff the markets took a nose dive (which is bad for the game) so CCP nerfed the living hell out of the loot drops to compensate.
Which brings us back to my answer to your question.

No there is not one region that will be better for making ISK with exploration.
No you will not get much exploring in high sec although that is relative. What is not much to me and my 7 year old characters may be a fortune to you and your character.

Sites spawn at downtime and then respawn a set period of time AFTER they are cleared by another player, I am sorry but I do not remember how long that time period is. As a result of this finding a site with something in it is more about timing and luck than it is about the area of space you are in so you will have to experiment until you find a decent area to explore based on your primary game time relative to the other players in your area.

Yes there are some regions of space that have the potential to be more lucrative based on the items that drop, however if you rarely get anything from those areas then it may be better to explore somewhere else even though the individual pieces may be less the greater quantity may work to your favor.

Low, nul and worm holes offer the best chance for getting good stuff from exploration but all of those areas have significantly higher risk of you being killed while out exploring. The only advice I will give you in this area is that yes if you are good at scanning and the hacking mini game, if you are good at doing that while you keep one eye glued to a constantly operating d-scan and you have just a little luck then exploring in these areas can yield some really nice stuff. Just remember that you are always a target, anyone can shoot you and Concord will not come to punish those who shoot you and last remember that exploring in these areas will cost you ships from time to time so just be prepared to replace them as needed.

Now that bitter vet moment I promised.
Yes I do miss the days of old when it actually took serious skills and really good equipment to scan.
Yes I do miss the days when I could log in and always find something decent to explore even in high sec.
Yes it does bother me that new characters will never have to spend 9 months training a really good scan character, not only because those higher skills are no longer need, but also because they can simply by skill injectors and train all those skills in minutes.

Oddly though I like the basic idea behind the scanning and exploration changes, CCP really did need to open it up and make it easier. I only wish they would add new content at the top end so those of us that either took the time to train, or the ISK to inject their way into the higher skills had sites that others with lower skill can not lock.
Rhayn Rowe
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#3 - 2017-07-15 20:36:15 UTC
Thanks alot for the informative post, didn't realise exploration was much harder in past times. I share your frustration that anyone can just skill inject to become proficient in any profession but that's just how CCP are I guess :( I've never explored in high-sec, it seems so boring and the loot is probably terrible as there is so much traffic in high sec. I also chose exploration because of the thrill of being in null/low in such a fragile ship (currently in T1) and because it seems like a good stepping stone towards learning and being able to afford PvP, without the need for any SP as you said. Even as a newbro explorer, I agree that the skill training to get level 4/5 for hacking is incredibly low in comparison to other professions and would welcome a longer training time: or optimally more skills relating to exploration. Thanks for the info about the spawning of sites, I didn't quite know if they all re-spawned on restart or not as I've been told both that they do and don't from different sources. The difficulty of hacking is definitely not a problem for me, I've only failed 2 hacks so far out of 10 sites or so, both with only T1 analysers and level 3 hacking, it's just the lack of sites at the moment. I'll take your advice and just find a quiet spot in a null sec region to be able to scan many systems rather than hope to find slightly better loot in places like Sansha region where I'm less likely to even find a signature.

Thanks again for the info, I know this is probably useless to you, but feel free to hit me up in game if you need anything done.
Blade Darth
Room for Improvement
Good Sax
#4 - 2017-07-16 00:56:37 UTC
Didn't read it all but from the 3 sentences I saw it seems you got either a crappy region or a bad timezone (when all the explorers... explore). Or both. If there is too many explorers, get a pvp ship and kill them instead of doing the sites. Might not be same isk/h but consider it a public service.
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2017-07-16 03:27:33 UTC
Hello and welcome to exploration,

Even with all the competition, there are still some high sec systems that have multiple explorations sites available, basically they're dead-end cul-de-sac / pipeline systems which are located off the beaten path away from mission and trade hubs. Look at the Star Map stats for systems with little to no population, low amount of jumps, low amount of NPC kills, etc.

Also I'm one of those bitter vets with the same viewpoint as Donnachadh.

Good luck to you.

United Allegiance of Undesirables
#6 - 2017-07-17 12:53:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Donnachadh
Blade Darth wrote:
Didn't read it all but from the 3 sentences I saw it seems you got either a crappy region or a bad timezone (when all the explorers... explore). Or both. If there is too many explorers, get a pvp ship and kill them instead of doing the sites. Might not be same isk/h but consider it a public service.

Sites and the value of the things they drop is remarkably consistent across all of the EvE universe, in that way the region you are in has virtually nothing to do with what you may or may not find when exploring. YOur primary gaming time versus the primary gaming time of the other players that populate an area is far more important, and in this way region does matter do a degree.

If you explore high sec as many players do killing those who are in a site will cost you more in ship losses to Concord than you will ever make running those sites, so killing others is not really an option.

In low, nul and worm holes it is far better (read that as more lucrative) to simply move on to another site instead of wasting time killing the player that is already there. Another factor here is how far into completing the site are they, the closer to completion they are the less you will get for your time and efforts since you are relying on the after death drop mechanic to determine what you actually get for your efforts.

In low nul and worm holes another factor is that the locals often bait people by running sites in disposable T1 fits hoping that someone will warp in to kill. The moment someone does they spring the log off trap, so while the person may or may not get that disposable T1 fit they lose whatever they were flying in the process.