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list of blueprints available to alpha clones

Hage Nohair
Shell Corp 29
#1 - 2017-07-11 21:20:59 UTC
Hello. This is my first post in EVE forums. I'm not good at English. I hope you see what I mean.

I calculated rough profit of many manufactured goods using static data export and market data for industry. But I'm alpha clone and cannot use some blueprints. So I want to know which blueprint is available to me. Checking one by one is a little tough. Can I know it from static data export or other methods?
Memphis Baas
#2 - 2017-07-11 23:55:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Memphis Baas
I would guess that Alphas are limited to basic Tech 1 blueprints that you can find on the market.

This EVE University guide shows that Tech 2 blueprints require industry skills at 5 and Science skills (for example Graviton Physics etc.), which alphas don't have access to. This guide also says the same thing. Also Reddit comments.

To find out you need to look at Skill Requirements for the blueprints. You can extract this from static data export. It's also logical; all Tech 1 blueprints will require these skills, all Tech 2 blueprint copies will require these extra skills, etc. Check one of each kind manually and you can assume the others in that category are the same.
Hage Nohair
Shell Corp 29
#3 - 2017-07-12 05:26:09 UTC
Thank you for answer. I found data about required skills. I will check this data.
It seems alpha clones cant make most profitable items. I try to find as profitable items as possible.
Do Little
Bluenose Trading
#4 - 2017-07-12 15:27:35 UTC
It's unfortunate but if Alpha clones could profitably do industry, experienced players like me would have an army of them hard at work. Since industry is a background activity, the login restriction wouldn't matter. Same reason Alphas can't do PI.

Most T1 product simply needs the industry skill to build but T1 is rarely used except as input to the T2 manufacturing process. Meta modules that drop as loot are usually better and cheaper.

CCP is currently midway through a module rebalance (tiercide) and the meta modules (compact, restrained, ample, scoped, etc...) will be player built once this rebalance is complete. Not sure if CCP will make building these available to Alphas but the bill of material will include a T1 module so there will be a lot more demand for T1.

There is opportunity in rigs. You will be limited by your racial rigging skills but the armor rigs I looked at have decent margins and Gallente Alphas should be able to make them. An example:
Hage Nohair
Shell Corp 29
#5 - 2017-07-12 18:53:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Hage Nohair
Thank you for good information.

Industry doesn't require much time and I don't complain about restrictions of alpha clones. I would do as you say if alpha has no limit.

Market prices always change and some prices are unfairly low or high. So I can make some money which will be small for experienced players. I may enjoy looking at data than playing.
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2017-07-12 19:23:59 UTC
Industry is difficult to find things that you can make good isk at. The market is very competitive. There are also factors which figure into production costs that have nothing to do with alpha status like where you refine and build. I don't think that alpha is holding you back as much as you think.

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