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Sar'ran Zorn
St. Albans' Refuge
#1 - 2017-06-11 04:35:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Sar'ran Zorn
I need a simple PHP app. Functionality requirements:

  • Admin abiltiy to add, edit, and remove "events," each event accompanied or not by a web link.
  • User-facing page that shows list of events with applicable link and a button to sign up. Clicking sign up button should allow chance to a enter (sanitary) name.
  • The same page should show a list of all names signed up for each event already.
  • No authentication on the user facing page. Authentication of some sort required on the admin page, since inserting links would potentially cause problems.
  • Needs ability to support long event names (50-125 characters), with or without a link, 30-40 separate events, and 10-25 signups per event.

So something like

Events                              | Attending                              |
Fleet 1                             |  Bob                                        | Remove
                                          |  Joe                                        | Remove
                                          |  Tom                                        | Remove
                                          |                                                 | Sign up
Tuesday Fleet                |                                                 | Sign up

With the sign up button allowing entry of a new name on that event list, automatically refreshing to show the added name as present when completed, and the remove button giving an "Are you sure you want to remove X from this event?" prompt, then autorefreshing to show it as removed.

If it's relevant, the server PHP version is 5.6.30.

Edit: Happy to use a 3rd party escrow at my expense to hold the payment in total pending delivery, if you prefer, though will need a hard delivery date if we go that route.