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EVE Planetary Interaction App (Android)

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-05-20 10:13:23 UTC
With the 42nd release of the App, I thought I'd make another post!

Current features

  • As many characters as you use.
  • A list of Extractors with their expiration times, colours indicating urgency.
  • Tapping an extractor will show the owner, progress bar, exact time of expiry, a graph showing the extractor values over time and a 3d representation of the planet showing all facilities.
  • Alerts window showing only facilities with pending urgent issues.
  • A list of PI products and their prices. Drilling into this list shows more detailed information about that product and what it is used to make and what is required to make it (that are also navigable). It shows a list of buy and sell orders along with general averages and adjusted prices.
  • System scanning. Scan the planets in a system to see what resources they support.

  • Features can be requested

    Downloadable from Google Play