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[Hizzy] C2 Small Gang PvP

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#1 - 2017-05-18 18:32:22 UTC
Hizzy Hizzy Hippos is a small gang wormhole corp. We are in a C2 with Null/C5 statics. We roam daily in USTZ.

We are in this hole because of the variety of PVP it provides. We have been living in this hole since March 2015 and we aren’t planning on going anywhere.

Our Corp members have all known each other for about 4 years with some having much longer relationships. We do a corp meetup every year and in general we are all very close. We are an insular group with no blues, but we are looking to inject a bit of new blood into our fleets.

What we expect:

You don’t need to be a WH or PvP god but you need to learn quickly. We need you to be an asset on fleets almost immediately. You also need to be able to analyze your gameplay and listen to constructive criticism without becoming upset. We have no hard and fast SP requirement but if you can’t fly at least interceptors or interdictors you would probably be better suited to a different corp.

You also need to be able to buy your own ships and fits. The corp helps with some things but there is no real form of SRP. We can show you how to make isk in wormholes but it's up to you to go get it.

You need mumble, a working mic, and a willingness to use your mic.

Full API for all accounts is required.

What you can expect:

We can teach you what we know about WH life and small gang pvp. The corp will remain small and stable and you can become a valued member.

We offer small gang content nightly during USTZ. We are competitive but try and be laid back. Hizzy participated in the previous NT Cup and we plan on participating again in the fall. If you are interested in tournament play it is definitely a goal of ours to get better in that setting.

We offer logistical support to help get your ships into the hole.

If this interests you reply here, PM me, or contact Moodida or Collie Herb in game.
You can also join our public channel: Hizzy Pub

Wh life really isn’t as scary as people make it out to be, and logistics with no High static isn’t nearly as hard as you think it is.

Take a chance on us and we will take a chance on you.

Hizzy Killboard

Hizzy PvP Vids
Book Hockey.
#2 - 2017-05-19 20:30:34 UTC
We have a nice weekend of pvp planned. There is time to get you into the hole for it.
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