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Requesting PVP Training Plan

Caduceus Vex
Unity of Suns
Warped Intentions
#1 - 2017-05-17 23:30:20 UTC
Greeting Capsualeers,

I have been tasked with creating a training plan for pilots starting from their very first pew up to advanced PVP skill trees.

My question/request is... Do any of you gents/ladies have any skill training plans already in place that we could use to train our teams as i'm sure many of you are for more experienced than I at this?

I am looking for something that will be a progressive nature and cover varying types of PVP (basically I can say 'first train A,B,C then when you've done that train D,E,F then on completion of that train G,H,I)

I would be massively grateful if any of you could eve mail me these lists.

Many thanks for your consideration and for taking the time to read this.

Kindest Regards


DrButterfly PHD
#2 - 2017-05-18 12:59:23 UTC
A lot of corps /alliances build their training plans around their doctrine ships, first ti be able to fly/fit it and then to imprive effectiveness in that ship.

Whata your doctrine?
Khushakor Clan
Of Questionable Repute
#3 - 2017-05-18 19:12:52 UTC
Without knowing the sorts of things that you or your corp do, I can only give some generic recommendations but here goes:

Train all the racial frigates to 3
Train to be able to use MWDs/ABs ( I think people start with this now)
Train to be able to use scrams, webs, warp disruptors (I think people start with this now)
Train all the fitting skills to at least 4
Train all of the small weapons systems to at least 3 and the support skills to 3
Train Minmatar destroyers
Train to be able to use all t1 EWAR

At this point it should only take a week or two and you can come to fleets in either a talwar/thrasher for damage, or griffin,crucifier, maulus, vigil for EWAR support. The slasher/atron make pretty decent suicide tackle if your corp forces you into tackle (which they shouldn't IMO as a newer player). You should be able to figure out what race you like or your alliance/corp uses then you can focus up a bit on it.

Get drones V, and light/med drones to t1 and ECM drones
Push the rest of your core skills to 4 or 5 (fitting,tanking, cap, navigation, targeting,etc)
pick a race, then train cruisers for that race, and med weapons for that race to t1
train remote shield, armor, and cap skills
Train battlecruisers
Train level V frigates and destroyers for that race, and the prerequisites for ceptors, dictors, EAFs, AFs, bombers, etc
Train your races cruiser weapons systems to t2
Train the other racial cruiser skills to use whatever faction cruisers your corp or alliance uses
Train cruisers to V, then the t2 cruisers
Shore up your gunnery and missile skills everything should be 4 or 5 at this point unless it is large or extra large, and large guns should be trained for your races Attack Battle Cruisers.

This will take you a while to get to, but once you know what to do, it can also be complicated by your alliance (here in Atlas the doctrine ships tend to be Confessors, Orthruses/Cynabals, Augoror Navy Issues, and Machariels all of which use different weapons and races). Don't just jump into a battleship without the support skills, only at this point of your training are you really okay for a battleship.

Train battleships
Train your BS level weapons to t2
Train all of your support doctrine ships (which probably means all other races cruisers to 5)
Train all of your Jump drive skills, JDC V is a must!
Now you can train towards caps or blops depending on what your alliance does.

At least for me, that is what I would want players to do when they are in my alliance, getting a full t2 fit before they start getting into battleships is wonderful. You can PVE fine in a cruiser, I know battleships are sexy, but poorly fit ones die way too often in this game. There is so much you can do in cruisers and battlecruisers, get them trained up well first! As far as caps go ask your alliance, I trained up Gallente and Caldari capitals, but now everyone wants Nids, nags, and revs it seems so the meta does change and the training times are long enough to where you can be locked up one one race for years to get all of the relevant skills to V.
Caduceus Vex
Unity of Suns
Warped Intentions
#4 - 2017-05-18 19:51:27 UTC
Many thanks ValentinaDLM,

I do understand that this is quite a difficult question to answer due to different doctrines and fits that different corps/alliances use.
I am trying to get base training plans setup and will then modify them in accordance with our doctrine requirements. I am seeking to get the initial setup complete first (aka core skills).

Many thanks for your input, it has been greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

C. Vex