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Very low Concord (faction) standings and Interbus sov space (Ourapheh)

Boom and Bust Economics Ltd.
#1 - 2017-05-17 12:33:37 UTC

I frequently run The Blockade vs CONCORD so was wondering what happens around CONCORD sov space in Genesis when I tip over below -5.00 standing from CONCORD Assembly (faction).

I'd heard way back when that the response was proper Concordokken rather than the same as other empire's < -5.00 response which is a non-scrambling annoying slap on the backside to encourage you to leave sharpish. My CONCORD faction standings were at -4.92, so off to Singularity to test - and standing knocked down to -7.5 or so with a handy Skill Extractor knobbling Diplomacy. After a quick run through Yulai in a Nomad I find CONCORD do just the same magnitude response as the other empires. No worries for passing through then.

Unusually however, I get the same 'DED Army' response in Ourapheh ... Should that happen? Ourapheh is The Interbus sovereignty rather than CONCORD and I'm only -1.8 from them. Pretty sure -1.8 does not normally elicit any aggressive response .... ?

Odd? ... B