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LS Anti-Miner Command Destoyer:

Salvos Rhoska
#1 - 2017-05-17 10:16:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Salvos Rhoska
Im looking for advice on which Command Destroyer to choose and how to fit for the purposes of annoying/destroying Miners in LS (especially in ice belts).

Currently Im looking at the Magus to:
-Microjump the miner 100km from their drones/and or field
-Warp Scramble them
-Pound them and defense drones with 3x 200mm AC, whilst running 5 Acolyte neuts + 2 Nos if they are active tanked.
-Swap to damage drones if passive tanked.
-Jump them again if necessary when cooldown is up.

Bifrost dps is anemic and cant fit drones, nor neut potential.
Pontifex lacks drone bandwidth.

Incomplete draft build:
[Magus, Magus Neut]
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Small Armor Repairer II
Small Armor Repairer II (better off with Ancillary)

Warp Scrambler II
Micro Jump Field Generator
[empty med slot] (cap booster I guess)
1MN Afterburner II

200mm AutoCannon II, Hail S
200mm AutoCannon II, Hail S
200mm AutoCannon II, Hail S
Small Energy Nosferatu II
Small Energy Nosferatu II

Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Acolyte EV-300 x5 (-35GJ/6s)
'Augmented' Valkyrie x3
Republic Fleet Warrior x1 (Only minmatar specialised)

1) Is the premise viable? Can I break the tanks/of which mining ships/survive vs their drones?
2) Do drones get pulled by the micro jump too? (within 6km)
3) At what range do the drones disconnect. 250km is correct?
4) Is the lock and the point maintained after the jump?
5) Does the Field Generator apply the sig bloom only when activated, or when simply fitted?
6) Optimal fit suggestions? (Currently have no nanite paste/cap booster skills on toon in question.)
The Red Sequence
#2 - 2017-05-17 13:08:29 UTC
Don't know a lot about command dessy for that purpose, but by miners do you mine barges ? Because when I mine in LS I use either prospect or endurance which just cant get caught if played properly.

Anything other than skiff or procurer should be easy to kill given their tank and dps, but the first barges will wreck a destroyer in a short amount of time if you're solo.

As for annoying them, as long as you can reach them before blowing up and lauch a MJD should do the job.

In the name of Jirai 'Fatal' Laitanen : “Some capsuleers claim that ECM is 'dishonorable' and 'unfair'. Jam those ones first, and kill them last.”

#3 - 2017-05-17 13:10:56 UTC
You may wanna fit a warp disruptor in the 4th mid. So they can't warp out while you get in position and spool up the MJD.