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An evening in the life of a FW player

#1 - 2017-05-15 08:27:06 UTC  |  Edited by: DrButterfly PHD
A lot of people haven't had experience of faction warfare. I've been fighting for Minmatar for a couple of weeks. Here's what I did last night:

When i logged on, there were a couple of fleets available to my alliance/miltia: one gate camping Bosbogger/Damalin and another doing something out in Providence. As always, there was also the Italian fleet roaming around. Lots of options. My focus is on taking the warzone so i decided to head over to Tzvi to see if I could push it up to vulnerable. I'd flipped a few systems on the Semou constellation and Tzvi would be the first station system there we'd taken. It was at 96% contested so now far to go.

When i arrived I found an empty small site and slid inside in my Firetail. It wasn't long before an Amarrian Navy Maulus appeared. Unready for the fight I warped out to reload my ammo before returning to the site for a fight. I applied my weapons and EW and kept my optimum range. After a few shots it became clear that I was going down and he was active reping to I aligned for a gate and tried to get out of scram range, while still shooting. Just has his scram broke, I exploded and warped off in my pod to reship. "gf!!!" the amarrian exclaimed in local and posted a screenshot of his console - down in structure with several of his modules burnt out. The fight had been a lot closer than I realized. ( )

When i returned in a new firetail, the maulus had gone and a few other minmatar pilots had arrived, some of them in the fleet. I killed an incursus that didn't fight back ( ) and got his pod as well. ( ). We killed him again later that evening in the same ship. ( )

As more frigates joined us, I switched out to a vexor to run the larger sites. Not long later, a coercer appeared outside the small outpost looking for a fight. One of our frigates tackled it outside and the rest of the fleet arrived just in time to destroy the destroyer and save our frigate. ( ). The coercer pilot returned in a slasher and died again ( ).

Not long later we had the system vulnerable and began to hit the I-hub. More and more Minmatar pilots started to join the fight. We had a few threats on intel - a tech 2 cruiser gang a few jumps out, a small capital fleet in the next door system, but neither of them engaged.

As we entered the i-hub's armor, the itialians made like they were going to join the bash and one of them appeared in a stealth bomber some distance out from our fleet attacking the hub. His position was bad - in a direct line to one of the stargates so he could easily be jumped by an enemy. And it wasn't long before a worm appeared 100km out from the ihub in his direction looking for a kill.

As I got ready for a fight, the skies were suddenly filled with blue as the italian fleet landed directly on top of the worm which promptly exploded ( ).

As the i-hub reached 6% armor a small fleet of navy omens appeared in the same spot as the worm, 100km out. They landed on our alliance leader in a Talwar who had gone after the worm and then crashed, logging back in just as the omens landed ( ). They also caught a slasher who tried to go rescue the Talwar ( ).

Given their range and our fleet composition, neither could have approached the other without taking heavy losses. We continued to hit the ihub, taking shots at the omens whenever they ventured in close. As they realized we wouldn't give them easy kills, they warped off.

We quickly finished off the i-hub, pulled in our drones and went home. Op success.

Tzvi killboard: (Look at 14th May from 19:41 onwards)

Join us:
#2 - 2017-05-15 09:16:07 UTC
Lazy Crabs is a Spanish corp, not Italians.
#3 - 2017-05-15 09:31:03 UTC
Lucy Callagan wrote:
Lazy Crabs is a Spanish corp, not Italians.

I was talking about the people that killed the Lazy Crabs worm - Global Isk Network. They are Italians.
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2017-05-16 10:58:41 UTC
And systems keep falling. This will be the first time I see warzone domination happen in slow motion. Keep it up U'K. Check out the kills in Eha for the last week. The ball is rollin and wrecking.
#5 - 2017-05-16 18:05:09 UTC
Yeh, I guess the Gallente aren't doing too bad at taking systems as well. You guys have nearly taken as much of your warzone as we have. Really good job!

(Actually, if you flip all the systems currently vulnerable you will have a higher % of systems taken than us. I'm looking forward to getting online again this weekend to put that right!)

Sorry, how many ships did you explode in Eha?!?
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2017-05-16 22:11:23 UTC
I wasn't boasting on my part. I'm a part time pilot and contribute when I can. Eha, on the other hand, is a pretty solid example of what taking a system is like up here. Thought I'd give the great pilots that hate brought it to 90's today some attention.

Also. I think FEDUP deserve some love with the bump we gave you in the momentum you've established down there last month.
#7 - 2017-05-18 12:47:44 UTC
We may well need you again befire this is over. Some of our systems are proving to be tough nuts to crack.
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