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Outer Rim watering Hole

Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2017-04-20 21:43:03 UTC

It is said that somewhere on the Rim between high sec and low sec space somewhere in Minmatar republic space a mining space station can be found. and inside this space station is a bar run by a Minmatar that went by the name of Muri Sirober. The name of this bar is the Outer Rim watering hole and it was said that if your looking to make a deal discretely or wish to come to a neural place to talk and sort out arguments or just come for a drink and a laugh this was the place to come to.


Muri had just opened his new bar not that long ago. With the amount of traffic going through this station from all sorts of capsulers traveling from high sec to low sec and vice versa this seemed to be the ideal place to open a buisness such as his.

He had just started to clean down the bar as he wonderd just what his first customer would be like and just what type of people traveld on and off this station
Raata Zaibatsu
#2 - 2017-04-21 16:50:16 UTC
Avio wanders into the bar. Out of all the places on this station - this stood out for having a simple enough name. nothing fancy or glamorous. Perfect for someone who's just visiting and looking for a place to grab a drink. He was here simply looking for a port for him and his crew to catch some R&R. Also some of his more trusted members scout out any possible Intel. A mining station is bound to have just as many opportunities for a mercenary as it would a miner. A pirate haven needing to be snuffed out, Fugitive in hiding with a bounty worth pocketing or something as simple as some potential recruits wanting to join Avio's little band of warriors.

Figured he catch some rest with a few drinks before heading out again. He walks up to the bar and asks for whatever the House special is. Too tired to think about choosing something himself.


Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2017-04-21 20:51:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Muri Sirober
As the first customer walks in Muri looks him over. By the way he seemed to be watchfull of his enviorment to the style of clothing he wore he guessed mercinary. Hell he wasent one to judge. At the end of the day a paying customer was a paying customer. Just as long as they didnt come into his bar to cause trouble.

Hearing him ask for the house special Muri smiles and goes behind the bar and pours him out a family recipe whisky. Going back he says as he hands it over "You friend look like you could use this. Sirober moonshine whiskey. Old family recipie. Id drink it slow. Its also good for striping down coolents and ship engines when flushed through em. So ive been told at least"
Raata Zaibatsu
#4 - 2017-04-22 04:09:49 UTC
"Doubt this stuff would react well to my ship's hardware.." Avio says as he lifts the glass up to the light to get a better look at what was poured for him. "Suppose it make sense for matari tech sense its a pretty much made out of what's in arms reach of the engineer." He downs the contents of the shot in one go and is taken back by the burning pain the beverage has given him. Doesn't take long for him to regain his posture. He places the glass back down "Yeah that's a kicker alright. Give me another one mate." He says gesturing downward to the glass


Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2017-04-22 13:11:04 UTC
Laughing at the look on the merc's face as he drank down the drink he said "I warned ya mate. Its powerful stuff". As he reachedover with his augmented arm to get the glass the arm seemed to seize up slightly. Cursing Muri mad a fist with his good hand and banged it against the arm which seemed to do the job and un seized his arm. "Bloody thing. Keep meaning to get that looked at but keep forgetting to" Muri muttered taking the glass and pouring out another for the merc.

"So what brings you to this old mining station and my fine bar today? Im guessing you are in the mercenary business am I right? If so im guessing your looking for work" Muri saidas he put the drink on the counter and slided it over to the man. "Names Muri by the way" Muri introduced himself
Raata Zaibatsu
#6 - 2017-04-22 15:00:46 UTC
Avio notices the man's augmented arm for the first time. While he understands why many would have one. He can't help but find the tech rather distasteful. Nothing seemed natural to him about someone replacing their natural organic flesh with cold hard steel. Of course many get one after a accident at work or the warzone. But thanks to cloning Avio doesn't have to worry about having to get a mechanical arm anytime soon.

He stares insistently at it for a moment. Snapping his attention back to Muri as he introduces himself. He catches the sliding drink at the last moment - regaining his focus on the conversation "Avio, Avio Yaken." He takes a sip this time instead of downing it in one go again. "I'm here seeking a port. But I'm always seeking a opportunity for both a fight and a chance to increase my fortune. Pirates or Navy - so long as the target ain't civilians theres honor to be earned in combat. Theres no finer line of work for a warrior."


Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2017-04-22 17:17:24 UTC
"Good to meet a man with the same sence to civilan casultys such as I" Muri said as he poured out a glass of the same whisky and tosted Avoi.

Noticeing Avio looking at his arm and stareing slightly he said "Dont worry about stareing at it. not many capsulers I know got one. I got this one from a blood raider raid on a station I was at.

Bastards attacked the station and I was there scouting out good places to mine. I joined in helping to defend that station on the inside. Came across a young mother and her baby about to be butchuerd by one of the b#####ds. I steped in a fight ensured and my arm got mangled. Young lady and her son came out ok though. When the attack was over turned out her husband was a wealthy merchant. My arm was to bad to save and in his thanks payed for me to get this. As for the raider attacking the woman.." At this he grinned "wont be raiding anymore anytime soon"

Takeing a sip he urther remarked "As for oppertunity back in the day I as the same. If there was a quick isk to be made from tradeing or mineing I was all over it. Eventually I decided to setle down and this bar is the result"
Raata Zaibatsu
#8 - 2017-04-23 06:30:13 UTC
Avio continues to sip his drink as he listens to Muri's tale. He gives him his full attention. Always the man who would hear someone's war story out no matter how small. He evened seemed impressed with it. "So you dig up rocks for a living but aren't afraid of conflict. I can admire that." He smirks and downs the rest of the glass. This time more comfortable to the bitter taste. He places the glass on the counter upside down and slides it back down towards Muri

"Suppose i should tell a story too - don't got anything as tragic as.." he raises his arm to gesture towards the cybernetic arm "..needing a artifical limb. But i have that serves as a reminder." He then points up to the screen across the bridge of his nose. "Early mistake in my career that could had ended it. A reminder tof keep my guard up."

He adjusts in his seat and leans foward on the counter before starting his tale "I was on this job given to me by a uh...independent partype- that weren't blood raiders- but certainly weren't fond of Amarrians but interested in some of their tech. Nothing that was "top secert" but something a baseliner could make millions off of. Me and a small team of 8 were hired too raid this naval shipyard in a low security sector of the Amarr empire. It was a military target and for me at the time the pay was too good to give up. So I signed up."

"We sneak aboard a mineral transport making a supply run to the shipyard and go in guns blazing from there. All that stood between us and those schematics we were hired to get was a entire outpost of pissed off Imperials. But we get there, suffered a few causalities on the way. But as mercs when you got a KIA you get the motivation of a bigger cut. So we pushed on. Stole the plans and made our eacape. By now there's 4 of us and we have to hitch a ride off a moored shuttle. So we fight our way there and we come across this big son of a *****."

"A templar for the Amarr showed up dressed in this power armor and a duel bladed polearm. Kills two of our guys so it's just me and one other guy who is getting the shuttle ready. By now my guns dry and my sidearm wouldn't put a dent in his suit. But my knife would." He reaches into his vest and pulls out a high-tech blade "Nova-knife. The blade can heat up to extreme enough temperatures to cut though steel like butter. It was my only hope against him. I was mostly on the defensive as I didn't have the same range as his weapon. Had to wait for the right opening before striking. You could tell from the man's stance alone that he wasn't going to fold. He had a level of discipline that you would only see in some of the most hardened warriors in the cluster. It was a honorable opponent I intended to triumph over him. "

"I had to knock him off his balance and I have a opportunity. I pushed over this small fuel barrel and kicked it as hard as I could towards the batsard. Too my surprise it worked and tripped the hulking mass to the floor. Being as young as I was i couldn't help. But find it amusing. I laughed at him and thought the fight was now mine. I don't lunge after him until he picks himself up to his knees. When I do I do so with no fear that he could possibly strike back. But I forget that he still had his weapon in his hand and forces it upwards towards my head when I close in. Reflexes saved me here and he only grazed me with his blade" He traces the scar with his finger.

"I lost the momentum as soon as that happened and was forced back. He got back to his feet with no problems and went on a unrelenting flurry of attackes. Pushing me back and back but thankfully that ended up working in my favor. My back was pressed against this fuel line that I rolled out of the way from when that Paladin tried to impale me. The fuel burated out at such force that it pushed him a few steps back but also disarmed him. I wasted no time and charged him."

With the knife in his hand Avio holds the point up to his throat "I got him right here with all my strength and rage. The paladin was no more." He lowers and returns the knife to his vest "I took his weapon as a trophy for overcoming such a formidable opponent. Would had stayed there longer to admire my victory if my teammate didn't threaten to ditch me if I didn't get on board. So I got on and we got out. Thankfully the shuttle was coded to appear as a friendly ship to the response fleet that just arrived with reinforcements. Under the disguise of staff evacuating we sailed smoothly across the border."


#9 - 2017-04-24 16:09:48 UTC  |  Edited by: TomHorn
Tap, tap, tap, tap, with his index , middle finger TomHorn taps on the bar , to get the attention of the bartender.

"You got good game going there boys?"

Group men around a table look up, look towards the stranger, mumble something get back to playing cards.
Endless Black Ocean Spiritual Society
#10 - 2017-04-26 00:50:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Cybertherion
The antics displayed by the various patrons was observed by an Amarrian, his voluminous black robes hidden in the shadows of a booth furthest from the others. His kind were not a welcome sight in these parts, so when his teeth glinted between the white moustache which was his only noticable feature he briefly considered smiling was a mistake. His grin then widened, and he raised one of his hands from the tented position they rested in to indicate he required liquid refreshment. He activated a hidden nanocamera, and waited for the entertainment to truly begin.

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Minmatar Republic
#11 - 2017-04-26 21:55:49 UTC
Chuckling Muri reply's "Sounds like you had a fight on your hands allright. One of those moments were you had to be there to see it huh?" Looking around the bar Muri noticed that it had gtten a bit busier. Looking to Avio Muri says "Excuse me please I have to see to these patrons."

Walking out from behind the bar he first goes to the hodded gentle man hideing out in one of the booths. Getting a funny feeling Muri walks over wiith a pad and says "Welcome to the Outer rim watering hole. My name is Muri owner of this fine establishment. Is there something I can get for you sir to drink?"
Endless Black Ocean Spiritual Society
#12 - 2017-04-27 07:04:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Cybertherion
The Amarrian's grin widened still, while his hand gestured with a florish toward a stunningly attractive patron.
"I'll have her, but Archura green tea will please me in the meantime."

I only post here if EvE is offline. Which means my posts are never well timed.


Minmatar Republic
#13 - 2017-04-27 08:39:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Muri Sirober
Shakeing his head Mura said "You can try but most of the ladys I see comeing through this station dont take kindly to people talking to them like thaty. word of warning. Last guy that said that to a lady had both his tongue cut out and an important part of him gone missing. Heard not even cloneing cured him for some reason but thats just an urban legend around here. Ill get your order now"

Joting down the order on the data pad he had with him Muri walks over to the patron at the bar to see if he could get his order before getting the green tea.

Over the vid screeens a headline flashed about a mineing facility being mothballed after the recent Kyonoke plague outbreak ( [url][/url] ) Shakeing his head Muri only says "Dam plague took a lot of good people. Glad it seems to be over for now"
#14 - 2017-04-27 10:52:30 UTC  |  Edited by: TomHorn
"Yeah bad business , over 7 million dead. Black Eagles are going to be investigating , now that's a group people you don't want coming after you. Bad men."

"Draught beer here , the Digger been in here today ? tough looking Civrie , owns a machine gun , you'd know him if you'd seen him."
Minmatar Republic
#15 - 2017-04-27 14:03:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Muri Sirober
Getting the first Patron his tea and going back and pouring out the beer Muri reply "can't say I've seen who your looking for. Then again we're just open and it's still early".

After serving the man at the bar Muri grabed a cleaning cloth and starts to clean the bar "black eagles? There's a group of b###adds and sons of bi###s I never want to run into. Heard there was this group of pirates causing big trouble near a station they we're at. Soon as the eagles undocked pirates dissaperd soon after. Never to be seen again. Heard the black eagles are real good at doing that to people all right. Right nasty bunch they are".

Looking back at the screen Muri says "betya my last isk that the outbreak was intentional. Especially with all the sabotage to try and find a cure and by how fast it spread"
Endless Black Ocean Spiritual Society
#16 - 2017-04-28 02:19:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Cybertherion
The Amarrian rose and joined the bartender at his work station. The grin had vanished, replaced by a more casual smile.

"My apologies sai" he said "Allow my to introduce myself, they call me Cy, and I meant no offense to you nor your clientele. I have a tongue that takes joy in jest, a joke on stereotypes it is prone to making. While a man of faith, I am no slaver. Or rather, I believe in a different kind of slavery than many of my kin. I think you are of a sharp mind, referring to your statement."

The Amarrian's hand flickered vaguely toward the screen, while its twin placed the teacup on the bar.

"Tell me about these Black Eagles. Where from do they hail? I tend not to watch the Scope."

I only post here if EvE is offline. Which means my posts are never well timed.


Raata Zaibatsu
#17 - 2017-04-28 07:00:51 UTC
Chimes in on cy's Muri's conversation from across the bar. "They're the best the Federation has to offer. Elite black ops unit that was formed during President Foiritan's term. The head of the organization was a influential senator named eh.." Avio scratches the back of his neck as he tries to recall the name. "Mattias Ne- No that wasn't it..Mentas Bl- that's it!" He proudly says as he hits the counter. Heturns and looks over to to the two "Senator Mentas Blaque was the one behind the Black Eagles and still leads them to this day if I'm not mistaken. I've only encountered one agent in my time and uh, learned that they aren't really the type to have a conversation with.."

Before turning back in his stool he looks back over "Oh, by the way. If you don't watch the scope you should consider cheking out The discourse. They got a bit more soul than the anchors at the Scope network. Ever since they thought making a broadcast about the biggest frat party in existance thrown by pirates was more important than the news of Kyonoke spreading in various colonies. I sorta lost respect for them...The Discourse's journalism hasn't disappointed me yet."


Minmatar Republic
#18 - 2017-04-28 20:07:01 UTC
Nodding his head Muri replys going back behind the bar "Yeah that sounds about right with the black eagles. Discourse is good but scope has a tendancy to break the story first. I prefer to look at all sources I can when it comes to news"

Going back to cleaning his bar he says "Though with a galaxy the zie of New Eden were it seems virtually anything can happen at times it gets hard to seperate news from fiction as they sometimes have a tendancy to get mixed together. Especilly if its located in 0.0- space and all those major alliance wars you hear about"

Shakeing his head Muri pours himself a short shot of the moonshine and raises his glass "I dont userly do this with Patrons but I purpose a toast. To the memory of those who were killed in the plague and if it was intentinal like a lot of people think.... May the one that hunts down there assees leave nothing but D.N.A to identify them and may it be as slow and as painfull as those who have died"
#19 - 2017-05-04 00:40:42 UTC
Stopped at this backwater station, because tired as hell. Not because of any dramatic combat or explosions. Getting into a new clone takes care of that. Because has been moving his pile of accumulated junk from Hek to Rens. Solo. What the heck, all of your friends suddenly get busy on moving day? Well, it's a tried and true universal law: Moving day is what separates your good friends that are unreachable from your even better friends that spend all day help you doing the dread deed of packing and moving. Also, the corollary to the law: If you own a big hauler, watch for hints and clues about moving. Lest you unexpectedly spend all day some Saturday being the primary truck on a moving op. No way to say no, once you're tackled, hand to hand.

"Outer Rim watering hole." Hmm.... Looks like just the place for a grog after a laborious day melting junk into minerals, unfitting ships, trying not lose one's arse while doing that, and slow shuttling back and forth between Hek and Rens. Could use a couple of fermented or distilled beverages, then offf to bed. No drama (even though this is a kazillion ISK space station (Who am I kidding except myself? There's always drama in station bars, but maybe this time. Just a fermented beverage, relaxation spot on the way to standard hotel captain's quarters).

Walks in, eyes take second to adjust to the dark. A Gallente buff commando-type at the bar, talking to barkeep with a mechanical arm at an awkward angle. Strangely relaxed and charismatic Amarr guy-- in a hood-- there too. WTH? Pan across this tableau to the next immediate eye attraction point-- incredibly HOT GIRL, over the right, alone and diddling around with a beverage glass and a little stir straw. Pans back-- yeah, she must have come with the strangely open Amarr dude. Ah crap, this was just supposed to a winding down and relax stop, on the way to CQ. No drama. Right?
Endless Black Ocean Spiritual Society
#20 - 2017-05-04 04:48:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Cybertherion
Cy turned away from the bar after raising his teacup in a salute to his tender's toast, his robe whirling like a dervish made of night. At a slow and somewhat overtly dramatic pace the Amarrian approached the booth he had been sitting in previously.

Secretly, his grin had returned, widened like the mouth of madness itself. To a casual observer, the gesture he made to another patron would have been unnoticed. As the robed figure disappeared into the shadows, a dancer began to ply her craft.

I only post here if EvE is offline. Which means my posts are never well timed.


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