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overview question - group by type and distance

Aaven Talguard
#1 - 2017-04-19 22:10:43 UTC
Hope I'm not embarrassing myself by asking but is there a way to order the overview by groups split into distance rather than the whole thing jumbled up?

I'm asking as currently I'm switching between a mining overview tab and a pvp/combat tab and it feels counter intuitive. My problem is that setting asteroids by distance will also push enemy ships way down the list.

Preferably I'm looking for something like this(without group titles):

-NPC Ships
Rat A - 8000m
Rat B - 12km
Rat C - 40km
-Player Ships
Player A - 20km
player B - 38km
- Asteroids
Veldspar - 500m
Scordite - 700m
Scordite - 720m
Veldspar- 850m
Veldspar- 2000m
Belt I - 30au
Belt II - 33au
Station A - 1au
Station B - 5au

I know you can order by type but from what I remember that doesn't take into account distance.

Zeke Harthura
Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry
Templis CALSF
#2 - 2017-04-19 22:16:53 UTC
I don't think there is. But I so want that function now. Needs to be implemented
Memphis Baas
#3 - 2017-04-19 23:34:52 UTC
Install a Survey Scanner module in a mid slot, and when you scan it will give you a list of asteroids sorted by type, and include how much ore is in each. That way you can remove asteroids from your Overview and just keep the ships there.
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2017-04-20 01:57:54 UTC
Could definitely do what Memphis Baas suggested.

Personally I'd just keep the Mining tab and the PvP tab. It only takes a few seconds to lock the asteroid, then switch back and keep it on the PvP tab till you need to lock another asteroid.

Aaven Talguard
#5 - 2017-04-20 06:07:54 UTC
Thanks guys. I'm already using the work around with the survey scanner but just wanted to confirm a feature like this isn't already in the game before making a suggestion in the QoL thread.

Mining was just a quick example and my main gripe with the overview is readability. I much prefer to have the overview set by distance and I've found when you're fighting many ships and there's wrecks it just starts to look busy.

It's not a huge issue for me, just something I thought would be useful for people with higher resolution monitors.
Archibald Thistlewaite III
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Miners
#6 - 2017-04-20 13:10:11 UTC
Remove wrecks from that overview.

Whilst the feature you mention would be a good edition. The way to use the overview we currently have is to be very selective about what you put on it and have many different profiles, as it only takes a second to load another one onto a tab.

I quite often edit my overview on the go as well. If I find the wrecks are starting to mount up and getting in the way. I will quickly r-click one on the overview and remove them.

The secret is to use all the tabs and have lots of profiles ready for each situation.

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