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Wormholes Close to NPC Combat Sigs

#1 - 2017-04-19 16:09:40 UTC  |  Edited by: DrysonBennington
I have noticed that some wormhole are rather close to NPC combat signatures. I think that NPC Cargo Ships should be able to travel in and out of the wormhole by using their own Probe Launchers.

Cargo Convoys would be simply Industrials that would be carrying important equipment to and from the wormhole and could be attacked much like the NPC mining barges are attacked.

If attacked the convoy would call for local NPC reinforcements in the form of two BS, two BC, three Cruisers and four to five destroyers or frigates.

I also think the NPC Wormhole Convoy would open up some interesting K-Space and W-Space escalation missions as well where a link to wormhole would be an escalation point from an NPC mission or NPC Combat Site.

I also think that when destroying an NPC Convoy there would be a chance to loot NPC Faction Probe Launchers and NPC Faction Relic and Data Analyzers that would be better than the T1 version but not as good as the T2 version. Officer drops would include the NPC Faction Officer variant of the Integrated Analyzer.
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#2 - 2017-04-20 01:30:06 UTC

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