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Nullsec Hunters - Magister Mortalis Looking for Small gang pvp pilots!

#1 - 2017-04-09 20:12:15 UTC
Magister Mortalis is based in wormhole space and is recruiting PVP focused pilots with a thirst to hunt in a gang of well organised and highly experienced fleet members.

We as a Corp use our Nullsec Static to roll for content whenever we want in order to achieve neverending nullsec roaming. We are looking to expand our numbers so we can really make use of our Doctrines and gameplay style.

If you want to be part of an EU TZ corp that has lots of experience in EVE, including a CEO that has played since BETA, then jump in our public chat (zen rolling) ingame.

We make very good isk in our other Static C6 connection and use that to feed our arsenal of ships. ( Disclaimer Alert) We are not bears and will not let any member, just log on to make isk and then log off again.

We like to take the game seriously because whats the point in being half assed and we hope to get to a point where we are dunking carriers all over nullsec! Theres already a few on the KB.

If your mature and like to PVP, even if you dont have experience in WH space please get in touch.

We can offer:

Mature PVP environment

Easily accessible content

Ts3 and Discord

Tried and tested Doctrines

Very good Isk per hour

Experienced FC and members


Killmails for days!! Lots of fun!!

Feel free to convo me ingame to ask questions or join 'Zen rolling' ingame.

On behalf of Magister Mortalis

Wraith Kull
Fly dangerous! o7
#2 - 2017-04-10 14:06:38 UTC
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