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o/ Trying to make the big step (a story)

Nikos Kabasis
Daedalus Industries Corporation
#1 - 2017-04-07 13:05:09 UTC
Hello guys.
(watch your eyes, my English is not good, but i bet that i can speak better Greek that every other here) Big smile

Well... the story goes like this....
Am a small industrial and inventor guy.

I have start my career with small volume of BPC's that i have buy in Rens region and try with a Iteron V to move materials and crafted them.
Well that was Hard.
I have try sentry drones, misc. modules, and some frigates to craft.
I place my shop near at Rens hub and in 3 months layter i have expanded in Hek trade hub also.
Businnes was going slow at first but after 6 months progress was made.
I have make to have about 4-5 bilions in selling orders. I pay my plex with isk (always) and make to craft my 1st dream... my first Obelisk.
Now i can transport minerals in bulk and start crafting bigger ships like battlecruisers and battleships.
But... the Rens-Hek markets it was to small markets.
I have start training for inventor.
I have a library now that have 300 T2 bpc's in my good days (now is about 50) and continue to do the same work.
But for one more time that was not enough for me.

At the presend time i got 2 billions in isk only,
and from 1st of April i have made the next big step.

I make a courier contract and move 3 jumps from Amarr trade hub, the second most big trade in eve.
I will focus to make only T2 modules-Ships as i can supply from market all the materials that i need.
Well that was the plan.

And here is where the story ends.
Is like i am a small fish inside a pool full of sharks.

Need help and i need it now.

I need knowledge that will armor me from the shark bites.

1). Can i bring my Obelsik and make the trave from Amarr to Hilaban that i have my base? Without gank me? It is safe to move 100m in iteron also at that route? The distance is 3 jumps.
2) If i cant use my Obelisk is better to use courier service to move minerals and products back and front to my base nad the market?
3). Is better to focus in one category of products or i try a varius products (ships, modules)?
4). How about T2 rigs i never made them before. Is worth the try?

Ī¤hanks for listening my story my fellow pilots. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
And if anyone have t2 bpc's in the hangar gathering dust, please get them in a contract to me i will be happy to buy them from you.

Fly safe 0/


Knight Odds
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#2 - 2017-04-09 13:05:26 UTC  |  Edited by: KenFlorian
Here are some guidelines

1. Amarr to Hilaban ( Up to 1B in a non-afk Obelisk is usually possible through high sec. At max skill and with Reinforced Bulkheads II, the EHP is about 500,000. The only time I would ever not use T2 bulkheads is when moving ore/minerals. Use the Obelisk for large raw materials and an Occator for small but expensive raw materials and moving most of your goods to market.

2. If you can afford and fly an Obelisk, I see no reason to use a courier for moving minerals in high-sec.

3. I build in a NPC station. I have a variety of items, all T1, ships, modules, rigs, ammo. If you build your own Engineering Complex, you might consider specializing in just one set of items which are bonused by a specific rig. Example: Standup M-Set Structure Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig. I like a diverse portfolio in real life just as I do in Eve.

4. Many people are profitable making only T1 or only T2...some do both. I do only T1 because of the simplicity.

As a soloist you will always be a small fish surrounded by sharks. That is the situation I am. However, I am two years into Eve and am showing no signs of boredom. Will I ever earn 20B in profit per month? No. Will I be able to do better than I did last year and progress? Yes.

One of the most helpful and even enchanting narratives about "being small" is this:
Tipa Riot
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2017-04-09 17:03:38 UTC
Hint: don't move minerals, at least not the low end high volume stuff.

Also trade and market PvP is a major part of the industry game.

I'm my own NPC alt.