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High sec mining & PI for noobs

The AntiChrist666 Diablo13
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#1 - 2017-04-06 23:05:07 UTC  |  Edited by: The AntiChrist666 Diablo13
2 concept ideas

1. Planetary interaction for noobs;
You can set pre configured planetary set ups on a planets instead of building the set ups yourself.
The game will read your skill levels and based on that it will give you the available options also based on where your Command center is placed.
Maybe in case this also to much resource for the system there could be a limit for let's say only 1x a hour you are allowed to do a full scan on the planetary opportunities for you.
In case this is to complicated only pre-set ups for import and export of planetary commodities and no options for Extractor set ups.
You will be able to manage the whole production from your command center, let's say change the product outcome.
Or change the RAW material input with one click for every Basic Industry Facility, this can also be handy for if you are very known with PI and you are a RAW PI buyer on the market, now when you import RAW to a planet to process them only 1 stage and export them back you try to keep the same RAW materials kind as long as possible since you have to manually configure them all again.
It's like changing the type of ammo on your ship and you have to reconfigure the whole guns to that type and manage the input and output again for each and single gun rack, while it just do it automatically (if you get the idea)

2. High sec mining;
If you are in a NPC corp you will be better protected by CONCORD in hig sec.
High sec NPC Companies are now able to declare war on player corporations or individual players and they will be haunted by CONCORD from that time on in high sec.
A player that want to attack a player from a NPC corporation in high sec needs permission first from highest command before doing that before it is allowed to engage towards a NPC high sec player member since this will trigger a declaration of war.
There are a lot of people who want to play eve and just mine all the time, no joke..some people like to mine all day long and have fun that way doing there stuff on the market as well.
These people will bring a lot of additional subscription$ to the game and even wont make them run away from it because of harassment.
That's what high sec is for, there is law and order, CONCORD is all over the place, arguments saying 'that's not logical is suffering from tunnel vision and played eve to long without a break.
Most space is the wild wild west yes, but not high sec, HIGH SEC = high security, Miners and traders are protected by whatever empire is controlling the place, an empire is not saying we have to keep it dangerous because it's space...and space is dangerous, and by that logic we allow them to be blown up.
If you compare the amount of players that will complain if they can't shoot noobs again and people who mine and trade and like the economic/industrial/spreadsheet part of EVE you have 50 dirty pirates who pay subscription VS 2000* grinding miners and industrials who can potential pay for subscription.(*just a raw calculation out of the air, if you get what I mean)
Who cares if these pirates don't want to play the game anymore of that, they should get some proper pvp skills and go low sec instead of noobash, who want's these sick people anyway in their game they only ruining it and destroying the game for most other people, now you have a sick lunatic harassing anyone in high sec who doesn't pay contribution to this pervert. (maybe it is all meant to appease these kind of weirdos)
Imo it should be time for the empires to take proper control over their territories, you can't say this is realism, name one empire in history who allowed pirates or bandits to have something to say in their place, they will be constantly hunted because they hurt the economy and make their empire feel less safe for their subjects, they are called that for a reason.

High sec should be what High sec means, it means high security.
To different places in EVE, 1. a place for low risk low reward 2. and high risk high reward.
People can decide to play EVE online, people can decide to play in security space or non security space.
You don't have to split the game for paying subscriptions, the places are already there, it's just not doing yet what it's called.

These are the 2 ideas for EVE I think most of the people could see as an improvement.

Also watch out for people commenting with non logical arguments or trying to derail the subject to something else in this comments, they are just bastards who don't want to loose the opportunity to noobbash and are scared they have to learn PVP skills P (or some other sick twisted mind games to derail)

If you want to criticize these ideas or I am not making sense just keep it classy okay.

(posted this in wrong forum section, if this could be moved that would be great)