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combat zones and citadels

#1 - 2017-04-01 09:45:44 UTC
having citadel near evry combat zone makes no need for logistic ships if you need reps just warp to citadel also citadels on combat zone makes evrythign jsut easier i.e to drop titans and supercarriers on your head,just undock and warp directly to combat zone.

suggested change.
make combat zones a deadspace complex few could house capital ship restriction so atleast few groups could play with subcaps in a capital-free combat area. right now sayign seriously test server singularity is more like test server keepstarility or supercarrierlity. current conditions make combat zones unebjoyable you want do fleet pvp ewith subcaps t2/t3 cruisers example and when 5 or 10 supers land on top of you your fun is ruined. why do we have to see all but supers/titans dropping on us. evry1 say go pvp other system,right but that is not solution.
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