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Possible Sinks for BiMilliPLEX

Thutmose I
Krypted Gaming
Solyaris Chtonium
#1 - 2017-03-19 20:43:35 UTC
The conversion of PLEX -> BiMilliPLEX (BMP), would allow for a few more possible sinks for them.

I am not sure if any of these would actually be a good idea to implement, but I figured I would at least list them here.

  • Sub-Month subscriptions. This would allow players with less time to be able to sub, for say a week or so when they have a vacation, which would result in quite a few BMP used than normal.
  • Timed skill usage licenses. These would allow the alpha to use the skill for a specified amount of time. This might be detrimental depending on how many cyno alts are subbed, as it would make cyno alts cheaper, it would need to be compared against possible income from current alpha players who say want to be able to fly another race's cruisers for a bit, or by an increase in alts made for say PI use. This might also crash PI or mineral markets, so might be a bad idea...
  • Timed skins. You can already get timed skins from various activities, maybe the skins in the store can be available in shorter duration versions for significantly lower prices? This could result in larger uptakes of skins, as players would be able to playtest their skins, rather than just looking at them in the info window.
  • Sec Status recovery*. Currently there are tags for this found in low sec, possible a larger value of BMP could be used as an alternative? Not sure how badly this would affect the tag prices though...
  • Wardec Fee*. Wardecs currently consist of an ~350-400B/month isk sink, so the benefits of more BMP sinks may exceed the detriment of this isk sink loss, would need to ask an economist about that. Alternate ideas related to wardec costs below.

*These two are included on the idea that BMP would be some sort of Concord related currency, as they are needed for a pilot licence.

Alternate wardec related use for BMP:

Add a feature to wardecs, where a certain number of BMP, say x, can be used by the defender to start a 24h timer to end the war. The aggressor can then spend 2x BMP to cancel this timer, which then increases the cost for the defender to cancel it again to 4x. This would give some way for the defenders to get the war canceled, but still allow the aggressor to dispute the cancellation. I can see this causing issues wardeccing very rich targets, but if it requires the war to be active to be used, it would guarentee at least 24h of active wardec, and possibly 48-72h of wardec based on how many BMP are needed.

If anyone else has any suggestions for things, I can add them to the list.