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Is Eve Trade Master dead?

Suvikki Anzomi-Kalio
Jormag's Breath
#1 - 2017-03-16 14:26:44 UTC
Title. Website seems messed up. Anyone else getting this?
Wiera Yezalel
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#2 - 2017-03-16 18:13:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Wiera Yezalel
Same here.

Got some problems with login in over few last days.

And today site is messed up.
Golden Ratio One Six One
#3 - 2017-04-02 23:57:15 UTC
April 2, 2017 - works fine.


Flintlock Asshatery
#4 - 2017-05-13 09:16:50 UTC
messed up for me