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Targeting Number of Items Error

#1 - 2017-03-14 16:25:19 UTC
Hello EVE Online Pilots

I feel the best thing to do is modify the skill to it gives +2 instead of +1 on both both target management and advanced target management so we can get the ships maximum locked targets. Otherwise it looks dumb that we cannot reach the ships true potential. Making ships having the capability and not be able to reach the ships full potential is bad form and should be fixed. I am not saying this for my benefit as I am saying this to make the game a better place for ALL of us in New Eden.

I Also feel that the Signal Amplifier II should give me +2 Maximum Locked Targets Bonus as well ship locking bonus irregardless of skill level to make it so one can lock +2 per module like it says in the attributes.

Yes i also plan will bring this up with my CSM candidates I Picked as well.. as I have talked to others as well as this is something that needs fixed to make the game better for all of us. As I am not the only person in the game that feels the way on this...

Hint...Hint... ;)

Best Regards,
CCP Customer | EVE Online
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