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The Booty Hunters Shyt-Fit Tournament!!!

#1 - 2017-03-06 19:18:12 UTC
Hello Friendz!

You Are Invited to the Booty Hunters Shyt Fit Tournament!!

Time: March 11th! Saturday 21:45 Eve Time (3:45p US Central time)

Location: Un-named lowsec system near Hek.

Requirements: 5 million isk sign up fee UNLESS you join or are a member of Interstellar Booty Hunters and FIGHT in the tournament, then the fee will be waived. Donations from anyone are welcome!
Teamspeak 3 so that you can at least hear us! Mic would be nice!
We are providing the ships.

1st place: Cynabal (unfit)
2nd place: Astero - fit for hunter-killer PvP role
3rd place: Comet - fit to be badass.

This is NOT about winning or loosing!!
You are randomly going to receive a very badly fit ship (t1 frigate) that is capable of blowing up another badly fit ship (somehow).
The fit is going to be hilariously BAD! How you deal with the situation reveals your character. :) Are you the type that can make lemonade out of lemons?
Some fits may or may not be better than others - you are going to randomly 'draw' the ship.

How to participate:
Reply to this message with the character you intend to fight with. Send your 5 million signup fee to Interstellar Booty Hunters or me with **** Fit for the reason note. If you prefer to wait until the tournament to pay your sign up fee that is fine, but please reply to this message so we can get a head count and make sure we have enough ships!

When the fighting begins we will travel to an un-named lowsec system near hek, and fight at moving safes throughout the system. We hold this in lowsec so that pirates (like me) can participate. This is a LOW RISK event. Come out in a pod with no implants! No podding is allowed. The ships are cheap, so if something does happen (such as a gatecamp) we simply move to another system.
Again WE provide the ships fully fit.

This should be fun!

See you there!

-Max (CEO Interstellar Booty Hunters [IBTY])
#2 - 2017-03-10 18:42:11 UTC
Hey guys! We are still on for this tomorrow at 2145!!

Email me if you are interested in participating!!!
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