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100+ sp player looking for low sec pvp corp

Amarr Empire
#1 - 2017-02-26 05:40:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Protocol3
Returning player, haven't really played in 4 years, past 2 were just skill training and who cares about Dev posts etc that where added. :) USTZ pref. eastern
Shadow Cartel
#2 - 2017-02-26 16:23:53 UTC
Southern Cross Incorporated, member of Shadow Cartel is recruiting.
Amarr Empire
#3 - 2017-02-27 03:16:11 UTC
More offers
The Wraithguard.
#4 - 2017-02-27 03:47:38 UTC
Any interest in npc 0.0 Curse small gang caca?

Founder/CEO of Wraithguard.

Amarr Empire
#5 - 2017-02-27 14:21:11 UTC
Of course there is a chance
Wormhole Society
#6 - 2017-03-06 15:37:39 UTC
Hello Protocol3,

AttentionIt was good seeing your corp in space on the 5th of March, and it was a good visiting fight with your corp mates. I can't believe you wanted to take down our lab...Shocked

IdeaWe are always looking for players to join our ranks. If you are looking for a change, a new place to call home, please come check us out.

Dependent On Pilots

ArrowOfficial Recruitment Post: DOPLR

ArrowJoin our Public Discord Channel: DOPLR

ArrowIn-Game Mail / PM: Mr Glaser

or In-Game Recruitment Channel: The Doppler Pub Crawl

Thank you for the content ya'll brought the other day and hope to see ya again soon, maybe wearing a different uniform?
Snuffed Out
#7 - 2017-03-07 01:12:46 UTC
hey m* how are if you have a chance came give us a look

Cheers in Advance o7

Founder / CEO

#8 - 2017-03-07 19:22:21 UTC
Mercenary Coalition
#9 - 2017-03-07 21:07:17 UTC
Eve Defence Force is a venerable multi-time zone, PvP Corporation, part of a PvP focused , and we have no shortage of content for you. Formed in 2003, we have a rich history in Eve, having been part of every major war there has been. Whilst we have sov, we are not tied to it, treating it as a content/income provider, seeking out new PvP challenges wherever they may be.

We may be the smallest Corporation in our Alliance but we regularly put the most membres in fleet per capita and are currently based out of Fountain,
What we offer:

Mature and professional group with plenty of experience and SP
PvP content 24/7
High SP, experienced PvPers
Cross time zone activity.
Major fleets and wars
Capital warfare (both Dreads and Carriers)
Daily roaming.
Drunken roams (most Fridays).
A place to make ISK.
SRP on losses during ops.

What we want:

Self-sufficient, PvP focused players.
No SP requirements but we ask for killboard links to demonstrate activity.
Willingness to train our doctrines.
Alts must serve a function, such as for capitals, scouting, links etc.
People not afraid if Sov is lost.

I'm sold! Where do I sign up?

Just drop by our in-game channel The EDF Bar and request to speak to a recruiter. Prior Corporation history and APIs are required for checks. Please have them ready. Unsolicited aps will be rejected. Contact us before doing that, please.

Killboard is here.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Badfellas Inc.
#10 - 2017-03-16 07:11:43 UTC
Northern Coalition.
#11 - 2017-03-16 11:20:01 UTC
The Iron Armada is a small-gang too medium fleet focused, mercenary alliance, currently holding sov in Wicked Creek, led by our glorious leader Tridgit, the Poitot rorqual rider, first of his name, FC of our hearts and defender of the Wicked Pass.

We as a team, strive to build a strong community that enjoy PVP in EVE and are keen to hone their skills alongside like minded pilots, whether you are a bitter vet or a clueless newbro, we accept anyone with the determination to not only be good at EVE, but to be GREAT.

We offer:
- EU / US / AU Bros (Primarily US timezone, however).
- Fights of all sizes, from our favorite small gang, to large fleet fights and capital clusterfucks (we get it all).
- Daily roams.
- Upgraded space for bearing.
- Constant merc contracts = Constant content

Our prerequisites:
- Speak fluent english
- Have a mic/Teamspeak 3
- Provide a full API for all of your characters

Some cool stuff we've done
- Rabble to Rubble: A Tale of Jealousy and Betrayal:
- Iron Armada - Wicked Winter War with The Heathens:
- A compilation of us being silly nerds:
- The Billboard War:

If you're interested, you can either join through our forums, or by joining the "IronArmadaRecruitment" channel in-game and talking to a recruiter.

We look forward to flying with you,
Iron Armada o7

Our Forums:

Our Zkill:

Our Discord:
Feel free to join our Discord and introduce yourself

The Original Laughing Jackass,

Proud member and recruiter of the Iron Armada.

Join today!

Goonswarm Federation
#12 - 2017-03-16 11:44:55 UTC
Mail sent
#13 - 2017-03-21 02:37:19 UTC
We are recruitin right now if you are interested please look at our fourms

Like what you see please feel free to contact me

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