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Amarr Empire
#1 - 2017-02-25 07:17:28 UTC
DúXíng Xiá (独行 侠) is not my name. It is what I am.

Long ago, on a planet whose name in my language is unknown in this region of space, I was a part of DúXíng Xiá, a family of warriors. There are many variations, and I was a practitioner of Yǐnshēn Xiá (隐身侠) – Knights of Stealth. Our forte is to strike from stealth – quick, deadly – then fade back into the shadows. We also are very skilled in spying and espionage.

One day, raiders in great numbers found my home, and began taking prisoners for slaves in great numbers. In hand to hand combat, they were like children before us, but through advanced technology they prevailed.

People of my village, including my wife and child, were fleeing a band of these outlaws; I was among them. Guiding them, protecting them as best I could. But the band pursuing us were on machines, and I knew my family, my people, would not make it to refuge before we were all overrun by these devils.

So I dropped back, disappeared into shadows, and fell upon our pursuers. I killed a great number of them in ones and twos, but inevitably, eventually, I was hit by one of their weapons. As my world went dark, I was content however, for I knew I had bought enough time for my village to reach the caves wherein the technology of the invaders would be meaningless, and it would be the hunters who became the hunted were they foolish enough to pursue.

- - -

When I opened my eyes, I knew not how much time had passed, but I knew I was no longer on my home world, for out a window I saw an alien landscape. In time I learned that I was now among the Khanid in the Amarr Empire.

My years in slavery to these people is a story for another time. Suffice to say that one day, some unknown benefactor chose to buy my freedom. Speaking to me anonymously, he (or maybe she – I could not tell – voice and image were disguised) spoke of knowledge of my plight, how I wished to find those who had taken me, and perhaps thus find and return to my homeworld. You see, since no one in this so-called Eve speaks my language, none have been able to identify my planet by the only name I know it as. Perhaps they know the world by another name, but I have no way to know which it might be.

My benefactor would tell me little of his motivations, except that he suspected that my efforts would be of benefit to him, and so felt that I would aid in his plans by simply following my own destiny.

So it came to pass that I entered training to become a capsuleer; an elite immortal of Eve.

Needless to say, I lean towards stealth, but first I must earn isk, learn to operate these ships; no, to master them, to become as deadly with them in space as I was in the jungles of my home.

It is a long road to travel, but I am patient. I am dedicated.

I am a yǐnshēn xiá of the mighty DúXíng Xiá.

I will prevail.
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