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New Player Experience Suggestions

Presumed Ignorant
United Independent Corporations
#1 - 2017-02-18 05:31:40 UTC
I had a friend who just started playing EVE and they had several issues with EVE just beyond the tutorial. This includes the Career Agents and something beyond them.

1. Drones and Ammunition not explained early

I was asked what ammunition was and how to acquire and use it. I was also asked what drones were and how to load, launch, and maneuver them through the menu. A simple explanation of the primary weapon systems of the ship in question before getting to the Career agents would probably have solved this issue.

2. Walls of text

While not an issue on its own, reading what basically ends up being an essay just to warp to a jump gate ended up being an issue for my friend. They ended up reading a few sentences and then ended up overwhelmed. This really became an issue later on when the Advanced Military agent gave the mission that requires you to fly to a Deadspace pocket where your ship will be blown up to destroy a station. Somewhere in that long essay was the warning that your ship would be blown up, but my friend didn't see it and brought their best ship.

The simple solution would be for a small, objective-based mission summary or a warning at the beginning of the entry that clearly states that the ship that you bring will be destroyed. Don't know if there was one, but they missed it.

3. Continued experience

Any suggestions from the career agents on how to continue after finishing their arc would be useful, especially since they mostly end without telling you what you can do afterwards. A simple reference to the epic arc, or to other nearby agents would probably be a good idea.

Anyways, these are just some things I noticed while my friend was trying to play EVE with no prior experience. Don't know if any other new players have this issue, but my friend sure did.