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The 2017-2018 CommiNOMNOM Cake Thread

First post
#1 - 2017-02-14 05:32:21 UTC
Legend says there is an itty bitty waist and a big thing in your face that is known to cause the sprung. The maker of said sprung is none other than a Caldari Achura born of the house of Cake. A Commissar of Cake.
#2 - 2017-02-14 08:26:42 UTC
#3 - 2017-02-14 12:59:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Commissar Kate
♥ YAY, CAKE!!!!! ♥
#4 - 2017-02-14 15:30:57 UTC
I approve of this message.

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#5 - 2017-02-14 21:41:35 UTC
Hey all I'm ordering a giant cake and need to pick out two flavors. One for the giant cake and a second flavor for the slightly smaller cake that pops out of it.
#6 - 2017-02-15 10:20:18 UTC
#7 - 2017-02-15 18:20:07 UTC
The Airheads Mystery Flavor from 2010 to 2012 was the taste of k8's cherry chapstick. The more you know
#8 - 2017-02-21 09:03:43 UTC
TQ has a dedicated node for storing k8's cake inventory database.
#9 - 2017-02-21 10:39:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Nana Skalski
#10 - 2017-02-21 15:09:34 UTC
Nana Skalski wrote:
More Cake for Kate

And a dessert.

While those cakes look good they always seem inedible to me for some reason.
#11 - 2017-02-21 17:38:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Nana Skalski
I think they would also be good as ritual offerings for exposition purposes.

For Kate's eyes only! \o/

*starts building an altar using cakes*
#12 - 2017-02-22 02:13:49 UTC
Those cakes needs some submarines embedded in them, for sure. Maybe some surface ships in the icing. Helos and jets overhead might be a little challenge, but doable.
#13 - 2017-02-23 14:57:23 UTC
I was thinking the cake should be decorated with several tiny cakes
#14 - 2017-03-01 20:34:29 UTC
I... heard there would be cake.

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#15 - 2017-04-22 04:01:25 UTC
#16 - 2017-05-26 09:39:44 UTC
The trunk can be rented for birthday parties and festivals but the price is per left and right half and of course they must be booked as a package. Contact any of the rains for details. Serious inquiries only please
#17 - 2017-05-26 11:04:29 UTC
#18 - 2017-06-01 01:59:31 UTC

120 mm smoothbore cake.

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#19 - 2017-06-01 10:16:05 UTC
So, I read the topic and saw cake; I do like cake. Please don't deceive me and tell me the cake it a lie!

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#20 - 2017-06-01 12:00:47 UTC
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