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can't connect to eve launcher or website

Kenneth Endashi
Kor-Azor Slave Holdings
#1 - 2017-02-10 17:11:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Kenneth Endashi
I seem to be having a lot of Eve trouble this weekend. Last night I could not use the launcher or Eve website, but every other website and protocol is working. Today is no different.

eve offline

I have power cycled my modem and router, checked through settings and everything looks the same as it did yesterday. No phone, laptop or PC can use from my home connection. I am writing this from the library, lol! It's bad.

I guess I will just have to call the internet company, but they are the worst people to try and get help from. The worst!

Update: I called my satellite internet provider who gave me an additional 1 GB. Why - when my connection is throttled - does the launcher not work? I'm still connected to the internet, it's just a little slower - but not at all too slow for eve online!

Is there another way to connect than besides through the launcher? Also, Eve Online website did not load. It is worth noting that when I hit 100% of my data usage last night, I was playing Eve Online and attempting to reach the forums when I got a browser redirect (which is illegal) telling me I hit 100% of my data.

Now that my speeds are no longer throttled I am back on Eve, but why can't I connect to the launcher when throttled? The launcher should not be more demanding of internet than the game itself...
Aela Taron
Cretus Incendium
Electus Matari
#2 - 2017-02-11 06:45:03 UTC
I was on a few hours ago everything was fine, logged off to take care of a few things and when i tried to log back in I'm getting this screen

I've uninstalled EVE and tried reinstalling it, reset my router and modem, nothing works. I still get the same screen. Seems to be only doing this with EVE launcher. I can still log into Steam and Origin with no issues, any other website works fine. No idea whats going on with it but its very irritating.