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Sound clipping, cutting out, & popping noise

Kenneth Endashi
Kor-Azor Slave Holdings
#1 - 2017-02-09 22:05:48 UTC
My sound cracks and pops, replacing regular game audio. It's like a stutter, followed by a sudden pop. The muted stutter and pop happens once, and in rapid succession. It's just a series of muted sound and popping, and the sound clicks in and out with a tinny popping. It sounds like someone fiddling with a guitar cable while it's plugged into the amp, or an aux cable plugged into speakers. Except the game is causing it, and it happens regardless of whether I'm using headphones, stereo speakers, or USB wireless headphones.

This problem only occurs with Eve Online. Games like GTA V, or Borderlands 2 run perfectly on my system. Even DayZ, with all its problems, doesn't present this audio issue. I have reinstalled Eve, clean-installed Windows 10, and I'm using updated manufacturer graphics and audio drivers for my video card and motherboard. The BIOS is flashed to the latest firmware.

Other users described the same sound problem in 2013, but their reported solution of turning in-game audio off and then on again works for a little while, but then degrades again over time, as another user reported in the same thread, which can be found here:

I can force it to happen by quickly zooming in on objects, or let it happen naturally while jumping through stargates and moving the camera quickly. It seems to happen almost as a result of game loading.

It seems to happen most when the game is loading data between stargates. Sometimes it happens while browsing the market. It even happens when docked. Sometimes it's really bad, which is when it happens docked, and sometimes it's just OK, and only happens between stargates and while entering & exiting warp. Which is often. It also happens outside stations.

I submitted a bug report.